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Oh, jeez, has it really been a MONTH?? Also, pretty dollie.

Yeah. Nothing to report, except that I loathe the "four tens" schedule that everyone on campus is being subjected to this summer (except, of course, having Fridays off is a Good Thing indeed). I'm trying to knock off a bunch of house-related projects this summer; I replaced my mattress and box spring a couple of weeks ago, and next on the list is finally getting the couch (a.k.a. Toshi's Couch of Filth) reupholstered. I'd like to replace the nasty old indoor/outdoor carpet in the dining room and kitchen with something cleaner and more modern, too, but I may run out of money, not to mention motivation, to do everything in the same summer.

Yesterday evening I did a major deaccessioning of yarn; I have an enormous plastic bin AND a rolling suitcase AND an oversized picnic tote full of yarn to deposit in the Fibers classroom at work on Monday, plus boxes of yarn to send off to a couple of friends. And, of course, a lifetime supply still on hand. *swirly eyes* While the decluttering mood is on me, expect to see more dolly clothes and eyes showing up in my DoA FS threads.

Here's a doll you didn't know I had:

Etsuko is a 1999 Volks Four Sisters--Sara, to be precise--on one of the old-school B-02 jointed bodies with the plug-in hands and feet. Her faceup and body blushing are by Ravendolls. Etsu-chan is wearing one of my recent Y!J finds, an outfit by Jet Runner-D. For an old lady, she looks pretty good, eh?
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