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Oh, jeez, has it really been a MONTH?? Also, pretty dollie.
Yeah. Nothing to report, except that I loathe the "four tens" schedule that everyone on campus is being subjected to this summer (except, of course, having Fridays off is a Good Thing indeed). I'm trying to knock off a bunch of house-related projects this summer; I replaced my mattress and box spring a couple of weeks ago, and next on the list is finally getting the couch (a.k.a. Toshi's Couch of Filth) reupholstered. I'd like to replace the nasty old indoor/outdoor carpet in the dining room and kitchen with something cleaner and more modern, too, but I may run out of money, not to mention motivation, to do everything in the same summer.

Yesterday evening I did a major deaccessioning of yarn; I have an enormous plastic bin AND a rolling suitcase AND an oversized picnic tote full of yarn to deposit in the Fibers classroom at work on Monday, plus boxes of yarn to send off to a couple of friends. And, of course, a lifetime supply still on hand. *swirly eyes* While the decluttering mood is on me, expect to see more dolly clothes and eyes showing up in my DoA FS threads.

Here's a doll you didn't know I had:

Etsuko is a 1999 Volks Four Sisters--Sara, to be precise--on one of the old-school B-02 jointed bodies with the plug-in hands and feet. Her faceup and body blushing are by Ravendolls. Etsu-chan is wearing one of my recent Y!J finds, an outfit by Jet Runner-D. For an old lady, she looks pretty good, eh?

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, YAY!! I'm so glad that sweater works on Ms. Emma--during my yarn sorting, I found the remnant of that ball of mohair, and I confess that I shuddered as I consigned it to the giveaway bin. The color needs a strong dolly personality, yup. ;-) You definitely do need to take pix again, because I would adore seeing her!

The wig and eyes are the ones that Raven sent along with Etsuko when I bought her, and nothing else I've tried works quite as well. The old default Megu wig is really nice on her, too, but it's so thick and heavy that it really needs a kimono or a "bigger" kind of outfit. And it's much too hot right now for big outfits. ;-)

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