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This may not seem nearly as funny to anyone else, but
Toshi smile
you know, Toshi routinely cracks me up. His latest way of expressing disapproval when I don't do what he wants is to plunk himself in a major trafficway of the house with his rump toward me. Somehow the rump manages to expand in a way that absolutely radiates displeasure. Now and then he sighs loudly, just to make sure I notice that he's pouting.

What I want to know is where he got the idea that turning his back on me and sighing will let me know I've misbehaved. It's not like he's around little kids, who do this kind of thing when they're mad. And I don't spend any noticeable time lying around in doorways sighing at him, now, do I?

Too funny. Except for the tail, he reminds me of Capyboppy--did any of you read that book when you were a kid?

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I think this is universal.

My rabbit does it when he is displeased with my treat offerings, and the cat... well, let us just say that I am familiar with the 'butt treatment'.


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