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eBay alert: two Unattainables at once!

BERMANN 77, listed as "NRFB." If you're a BJD-history buff at all, go look at the original promo images in the listing!!

WHITE DOLLTI D. omg. Sejong says that somebody who understands and appreciates oddball elusive and unusual BJDs had better buy his brother here, OR ELSE. Sejong assures us that the glam-rock thing is just a phase, and his brother is actually quite good-tempered and adaptable. Honest. (Sejong says loftily that we should pay no attention to the seller's 0 feedback, or to the fact that the links to additional images pop up Trojan Horse warnings. Sejong's grasp of human psychology is not all that firm.)

Nah, I'm not bidding on either of them. Unless it gets down to the last 30 seconds of the D auction and nobody has made a bid, in which case I will probably feel compelled to rescue him, but resist the compulsion because I'm leery of the seller.

In other news, I has chosen upholstery fabric for Toshi's Couch of Filth! The upholsterer rejected the samples I had found online (discontinued + would incur an extra $15/yard charge from her if I insisted on ordering my own fabric). But I adore what I found when I went through her current sample books, herewith:

And in the "dolls you didn't know I had" category, plz forgive the lousy flash snapshot, but lookit Dulcie, my bargain girl! Oldskin SD13G body from the option-parts days (including flashing that had to be carved away, and those little rubber tubes that had to be cut off the sprues and fitted into the ball joints to plug in the feet and hands): 13,000 yen on Y!J. Christmas Ver. Ryo head with faceup: $150 on DoA. GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!
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