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Drive-by posting: Prettiest. Nono. Evar.
Not that I'm biased or anything, but I do think Yoko here really is all that.

The sweater has already sold, but aren't those little green buttons adorable? I've really gotten hooked on buying tiny vintage buttons on Etsy to use in the BJD sweaters. These came from a super-nice Etsy seller, SagePatch.

The only downside to the vintage-button project is that once they're gone, they're gone. Ain't no mo' little green flowers. *sniffle*
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She really is all that and more!

Darling sweater and buttons. I always liked creative buttons. Wish I still had the tiny scottie dogs ones I had around when I was little. I did get some vintage ones from my mother's estate. When I get to them again I will have to take some photos for you. Maybe there will be something you can use!

Jme really did a gorgeous job with this faceup--I'm so glad I spotted Yoko on DoA and pounced!

I always love seeing neat vintage buttons, oooyeah. And I'm finding that another good source of interesting buttons is the historical-reenactor market; the people who cast tin and pewter buttons for, say, Civil War costumes often have tiny ones available for shirt cuffs and so forth. I got some awesome knot-style metal buttons from one of those suppliers--just have to get pictures of the sweater they're on.

You are so lucky with finding dolls. I do feel lucky that I got my Madoka head and his body at really good prices. Now if I could just find a hNAOTO Kurumi being sold by decent seller...

I have to keep checking your etsy store. I got kids to dress!

She really is the prettiest Nono. I love this sweater ... so summery and all sherbet colors ... yum!
Yes ... that is the trouble with great buttons ...

And it's frustrating to wind up with ONE great little button on its own--not enough for a sweater, too cute to throw away, ugh. I need to get craftier and think of other ways to use the singleton leftovers!

She totally IS the prettiest Nono evar! Both lovely and adorable. That wig and those eyes are perfect for her.

The sweater is delicious and I adore those buttons too! Have you updated your Etsy recently? Must look!

Ehhhh, I just took a couple of pictures of sweaters I finished recently and popped them up--Yoko made this one look terrific, if I do say so myself! The other one didn't look quite so appetizing by the time I got finished, so I really ought to reshoot the pictures.

She is really really sweet and pretty.
I love the sweater colors, and yes, those are fab buttons!

That yarn is really fun--in some of the colorways, the stripes aren't quite as soft and pretty, but this pink & green one is nifty. Reminds me of my college days during the Preppy Handbook era!

She is the prettiest Nono. I love her sweet face~! =3=

Those buttons are darling~! Loves tiny vintage things~

The nice thing about knitting the sweaters--besides being able to keep my hands busy during long meetings--is that now I have a reasonable excuse for buying lots of tiny vintage buttons! (As opposed to my fabric stash, for which there is NO reasonable excuse because I don't sew. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Yup--I definitely start with the buttons and then choose the yarn and pattern to go with them! There used to be a vintage/junk shop here in town that always had lots of buttons (also cookbooks!!). I hated to see it close a year or so ago, but Etsy's working well as a replacement.

that sweater is fan-damn-tabulous!!

your Nono really is all that and a bag of chips, yes she is.

Hee! It's just Laura Gilkey's old side-to-side pattern from the DoA archives, knitted with light sportweight yarn on size 3 needles. That pattern doesn't look very promising in the original photos, sad to say, but it has lots of potential with the right yarn.

Button, button who has a button?

Single buttons can be very useful!! Plus they are always pretty sitting around in a jar.

This is a fabulous sweater! Love the colors. So very refreshing and yes the perfect buttons. Your Nono is a perfect model too. Love to the Toshi Man. until later my friend...

Re: Button, button who has a button?

That yarn is KnitPicks' new(ish) Felici Sport--really lovely and soft (though it wants to split pretty badly).

The Toshi Man was very, very growly when I went home for lunch . . . not sure what burr got under his saddle while I was at work this morning, but he did NOT approve of the world in general by the time I got back. Maybe he doesn't like Mondays either? ;-)

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