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Drive-by posting: Prettiest. Nono. Evar.
Not that I'm biased or anything, but I do think Yoko here really is all that.

The sweater has already sold, but aren't those little green buttons adorable? I've really gotten hooked on buying tiny vintage buttons on Etsy to use in the BJD sweaters. These came from a super-nice Etsy seller, SagePatch.

The only downside to the vintage-button project is that once they're gone, they're gone. Ain't no mo' little green flowers. *sniffle*
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She totally IS the prettiest Nono evar! Both lovely and adorable. That wig and those eyes are perfect for her.

The sweater is delicious and I adore those buttons too! Have you updated your Etsy recently? Must look!

Ehhhh, I just took a couple of pictures of sweaters I finished recently and popped them up--Yoko made this one look terrific, if I do say so myself! The other one didn't look quite so appetizing by the time I got finished, so I really ought to reshoot the pictures.

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