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Time for the Circle of Dolly Life to revolve. Heads and bodies FS!

I've posted most of these on DoA and the BJDfs yahoogroup, but just in case anybody here might be interested . . . the dolls, heads, and bodies behind the cut need new homes. I'm feeling overpopulated and a little too scattered in the doll department, and while these are all lovely, they just don't feel as "alive" to me as the others.

1. Volks Liz head with faceup--probably by Volks? Not sure; I'm at least the second owner. The headplate says "08.06/DPNY3." Pureskin normal, no yellowing or damage. $325 shipped in the US, $340 to other countries by EMS.

2. Volks pureskin white School A head with faceup by Y!J artist kitakotaro. No yellowing; some uneven pastel blushing at the very top of the head (I don't think it's rubbed or chipped; it came to me that way from the artist). $325 shipped in the US, $340 to other countries by EMS.

3. Volks Kohya body, LE white. No yellowing, but the LE white is a creamier tone than pureskin white. A decent match for the School A head, because of its heavy warm-toned blushing. $440 shipped in the US, $475 to other countries by EMS (unless you're okay with receiving the body unstrung in a smaller box, in which case knock off $15).

4. Volks oldskin SD10 girl body, VERY well-maintained--no yellowing, no knee damage, recently restrung. Sits well and will stand alone with very little fussing. A surprisingly good match for the Liz head, because the color is still fresh. Pictures to come. $300 shipped in the US, $325 to other countries by EMS (unless unstrung/smaller box is okay, in which case make it $310).

5. Souldoll Soul Double Kanguk with default faceup. I've enjoyed having this guy and I still think he's gorgeous, but I'm not reaching for him when I have time to play . . . and for me, that's a sign that it's time for a doll to move on. Insanely awesome posing, still tightly strung. Will come with dark-brown glass eyes and a wig, though I won't inflict the cherry-red one on you unless you really love it. $575 shipped in the US, $610 shipped internationally.

Souldoll's pictures:

If you see anything that interests you, please send me a message through LJ or e-mail me: sedens81 AT hotmail DOT com.
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