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Small Etsy shop update
Atsumori says: look! heart! buy! ;-)


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Ohhh, that's gorgeous. I think my boys might need that. Could you save it and I'll pay and pick it up when I see you in a couple of weeks?

Sure! I'll deactivate the listing right now. <3

I just adore this yarn--I liberated it from the Fibers classroom while I was helping to unpack a huge donation of yarn and roving. It's actually more purple than my camera thinks it is, but I think it's still plenty manly.

'sokey, her Saint is only so Manly anyway. ~_^ I kid, I kid!

Don't suppose I could add that Lawrence pullover sweater to the pile for pickup? >_>;;

Tchure! I've been hoping somebody would like that one--I thought it was pretty nifty, myself. ;-)

I love it and think I have several dolls who might look fab in it, including an SD16 girl who'll look great in a slouchy 'boyfriend' style sweater.

Your sweaters rule. I can not get enough of them.

Awwwwwwwwwww! *hugs*

I have a new 60cm-guy-size orange tweed rollneck that I couldn't get a good-enough picture of for the Etsy shop this afternoon, grrrr. But here's one of the rejects just for fun:

This yarn is one of my awesome Etsy finds--it's spun from two recycled cashmere yarns, one spice-tan and one peachy-orange. I can't imagine having the patience to unravel sweaters as a normal activity.

Edited at 2010-08-25 12:29 am (UTC)

If that's your idea of a reject, I think I can give it a home. Add it to my tab, please.

Oh, the SWEATER isn't a reject--just the picture! (I mean, I'm modest, but I'm not that modest.) But, hey, I'll be happy to stop trying to take pictures of it.

However, what is this "tab" of which you speak? We will have to have a talk when you're here. -_-

Don't EVEN. And yes, we will talk.

(Deleted comment)
T'anks!! There's enough yarn left on this cone for another sweater, so I need to decide what direction I want to take with it. Hmmmm. I like the rollneck slouchy look so much that I might have to break my "only OOAK" rule, heh.

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