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Etsy shop update, Labor Day edition
New sweaters for MSD, SD/SD13 girl, and Dollshe guys! Feast your eyes on fairemma's lovely photos . . . http://pattoncy.etsy.com

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Awwwwww, thanks! <3 My knitting time has really vanished since the semester started, though . . . *sniffle.*

Love your sweater Cynthia. They are always pure perfection. I need to go see if my etsy account works since I've never used it. Will you being doing more Dollshe boy sweaters down the line?

Thank you, Kat!! Yup, I will definitely be making more Dollshe sweaters--I've just been on a girl-sweater binge for a while. And if you see something you want but your Etsy account doesn't work, just send me a message off Etsy, and I'll be glad to pull the listing for you.

Ohhhh guess what was in my mail today! So pretty! Thank you!

Funny thing is I came across the odd stash of buttons I got from my mother's estate today. I'm going through it sorting by size. If you are looking for some older buttons let me know. I know there are a lot of small white shell and others. I'm gonna try and get a few photos in the next couple of days, might try to put a few of the larger ones on Etsy.

Oh, yay! I'm glad the package didn't take too long on the way. I need to post about the disaster that happened to one of the other sweaters in that batch . . . for now, let's just say I'm really glad I happened to set yours on a higher shelf over the weekend.

And you bet, I'm always looking for older buttons, especially ones with interesting colors and textures. The usable sizes for me are between 1/4" and 7/16"--anything bigger than 7/16" looks out of scale, and anything smaller than 1/4" is really in Barbie territory.

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