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Sejong tries a new look
Sasha Blaze
LeekeWorld wig, outfit by snow-kaguya. Not enough light for pictures, really, but he looked so cool that I couldn't wait. Finally, clothes that meet with Lord Sejong's (qualified, always qualified) approval.

The Big Box has left Kansas City . . . ooooooOOOOOOOOOooooo . . . I wish I could stay home from work tomorrow and wait for the mail carrier!

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*does the box dance*

Sejong is such a hottie. Love that outfit on him! ^_^

TodayTODAYtodaytodaytoday. Hmmmm, I seem to be getting a bad sore throat--I may have to go home after my Dickens class and get some extra rest, so I don't come down with something--

That is one awesome outfit! It looks like a modern/trendy kimono for daytime if that makes sense...very stylish! The wig suits him really good too.

*does the happy dance with Lyn :)*

I do love all kinds of kimono variations, from purist through weird deconstructions. Lolly does wig days, I'll have to do kimono days! ;-)

And ooooooeeeee, the box arrived in Topeka at 11:00 last night! Getting closer . . .

Great outfit and that wig is crazy cool! :)

When I bought that wig off DoA, I couldn't figure out why I wanted it, but something was saying BUY IT! BUY IT! Since I always listen to the voices in my head . . . *__*

Yowsay, Sejong is so beautiful. What a fantastic outfit.

*happy* . . . erm, Dance? ^__^

I'm liking quite a few of snow-kaguya's outfits, but aaarrrggghhh, I really have to slow down on the shopping one of these days.

Ack! Ack! Ack! He looks SO EFFIN' COOL!!!! That wig is unbelievably badass. Outfit's gorgeous, but I'm blinded by the perfection of the wig. !!!

See, now... if I'd been a good, sensible person and not bought Sam, *these* are the photos that would have shattered me and made me howl with regret. I can't stop scrolling up to look again.

Nice to see him in clothes that actually fit, too. It's new to me, heh!

Heh heh heh . . . Sejong sends greetings to his brother Sam, and suggests that Sam's human buy him some new clothes immediately. ;-)

I am SO happy with this wig--I can hardly stop petting it. It was an impulse purchase on DoA; I don't think I would ever have picked it off the LeekeWorld site, but when it more or less dropped into my hands, I thought I might as well take a flyer on it. It looks ridiculous on everyone else, of course, but them's the breaks. ;-)

I'm quite (quite, quite) surprised at how slim the cut of this snow-kaguya outfit is--I'm not sure I could pour even Etienne into the pants. The top is a little loose, but that's easy to fix by tying the sash tighter.

I'm sorry you're sick, but you have a responsibility to us. STAY HOME AND OPEN THE BOX. DISPLAY.

Kidding - I really am sorry you feel bad. We've had crud going around here too and it's just impossible to tell if it's sickness, allergies, all of the above... feh.

Even the color of that wig is killer on him. Isn't it cool when random gambles work out so well? And his skinny pants are sexy.

Sam's too-big jacket cost an obscene amount of money and he's going to live in it whether he likes it or not.

Hee! Tonight it WILL happen, because I have a Plan. I'm going to make a fast run to the post office when it opens this morning, collect the box and drop it by home this morning, then go back and do my duty until five. No matter how little light there is . . . pictures tonight! ("Tragedy tomorrow, pictures to--" Oh, whoops, wrong musical. ;-)

Allergies + huge amounts of stress + ambient cruds = it doesn't matter what the actual diagnosis is, everyone feels lousy. Feh.

And Sam's jacket *looks* as it it cost an obscene amount of money--it's gorgeous. I'm betting he doesn't mind living in it, one bit.

Perfect!!! I think you found the boy his look! The wig is just...bizarrely appropriate! I love the entire ensemble!!!

*swoon* He is so at ease barefooted.

Alright, I must have missed something - box?????

And I can tell from here that you're not well - stay in bed! ;)

Hee! Box from Celga with . . . hmmmmm, it's almost embarrassing, even in present BJD-fixated company: the artist head I bought and an SD13 boy body for it; a long white wrap coat for Lyon; two gorgeous black kimono sets; a bunch of wigs; and God knows what else that I can't remember bidding on.

Erm, I went on a bit of a Y!J binge in March.

And yes, Sejong finds his fighting balance more effective without shoes. (Not to mention the problem of his feet popping off when I try to put shoes on him.) Isn't that wig a riot? I can't believe it doesn't look lame and idiotic, but . . . it really doesn't. Hunh.

sending pretend-sickness-vibes your way....

or a house emergency (my roof is leaking! i left the iron on! I gotta go!)


The sad part is that I honestly do have a sore throat, and I'm congested and achy . . . I just want to crawl back into bed, even without considering the box arrival. But I can't go home because of a meeting this afternoon. Phooey.

I really do like him in that wig. I love this doll and Dollti is out. >.<;
The outfit is very nice, too...^^

Now they have a new guy....I want an oriental looking boy. I really don't understand why there aren't more Asian looking dolls out there.

The new DollTi boy is very, very nice--he looks a little younger and less regal than Sejong, at least in the eBay pictures, but there's definitely a strong family resemblance. Me, I think DollTi deserve lots of encouragement . . . psst, *buy him!* :-)

Thinking of Asian-looking boys, I wonder whether there will be a huge stampede for Limhwa's "Heartbreak Boy" if he's ever released for sale, or whether everyone's mooning over him is more talk than actual intention to buy. I WOULD buy him if he weren't some insane amount of money. (Look who's talking: Ms. "Owns-a-Haute-Hound-AND-a-Yukinojo-not-to-mention-a-Unoa-boy.")

And then there was that mysterious "Blue," who looked real enough to walk into one of my classes and hide in plain sight among the Asian exchange students.

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