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This is Koekje--the sultrier of the two Dollti Ahzes who showed up on eBay recently. Isn't she awesome??! jaedee has my eternal gratitude for letting her move halfway across the country!

Koekje has definitely spent the last four years in deepest seclusion--next to her, Sejong's resin is just that little bit faded. I remember now how strongly-colored his resin looked in the beginning. The good news is that Dollti's resin pigment softens and mellows instead of turning an off-color; three cheers for graceful aging.

What doesn't show in this picture is how very LovelyHouse the mouth sculpting is, including perky (but, thankfully, unobtrusive) little teeth. Which reminds me . . .

Soooooooo, ashbet, would that be you who's staked a claim on the ShinB auction? Gambatte yo!
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