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Old school, new dolls (plus upholstery!)
Nassssty flash trash, but at least you can see what's moving and shaking around my house . . .

Hattie (Hatshepsut, if you want to be formal about it) is a brand-spanking-new Peak's Woods 'The Glamour' Briana. Yummy tan resin, fabulous faceup, gorgeous doll in the "old school" BJD single-jointed style that I love. Count me as a fan of PW--don't know why it took me so long to find one that I couldn't live without, but Hattie will probably not be solo forever. (These are Dollshe urethane eyes in Light Blue, BTW. The flash is really washing them out--they're richer in person.)

Etan is a Customhouse Anniversary Boys Rock from 2005 (I think that was the year of the Anniversary Boys release--does anybody remember the date for sure?). His default faceup was fairly icky when I got him in August, so I commissioned Heavybomb to repaint him. SCORE!!!

And the couch is reupholstered!! Toshi is happy, I'm happy, and at long last I'm not embarrassed to have people over. This picture is a little brighter than the fabric looks IRL, but the overall effect comes across:

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Wow, such lovely pictures! Hattie and Etan are gorgeous, truly. How lucky you were to find a Rock and be able (with Heavbomb's talented brush) to bring him to such beautiful life! (I wish I remembered the date to help you. I was so in love with all those first CH boys! Would still love a Han. :D )

The couch looks very inviting indeed!

Oh, that makes two of us who would still love a Han! For a long time I was picky--I passed up Young Han a couple of times (once when CH released the Young boys, once on the secondary market), because I only wanted the original Han with his orangey faceup and angry eyebrows. DUH.

I never really thought I wanted a Rock, but I just couldn't resist his wistful little face when I saw him on eBay. And then I noticed that Heavybomb was on DoA . . .

I saw him on eBay too and was so tempted! I'm so glad he's gone to a great home and you got the perfect artist for him! Had to hold myself back from going for that St. Mina too - I just can't afford her (and have no more room. ;_; )
It's so great that Heavybomb's on DoA now - she did redid my Jin, and I'm so happy with him now! (Does that make him Etan's cousin? :D )
I actually found a Jun on DoA to send to her too, so I'll have my brothers!)

After failing with a St. Demian (well, the whiteskin Unique Demian), I figured I might as well let that St. Mina pass me by; something about the Mina and Demian sculpts just don't click with me, and I don't know why.

The one I had to wrestle myself away from, though, was Alex's Pharaoh Chowon. Do want. Will not pay the asking price.

YAY for Heavybomb faceups!! She was so easy to work with, too--and fast!

So beautiful - both of them! I love Hattie's pointy little face!

The couch looks amazing. That fabric really is awesome.

I wish the couch had been done when you were here! See, you're just going to have to make another road trip. ;-)

I am digging Miss Hattie in a big way, oh, yes. She's going to be a blast to dress up; that faceup can carry off all kinds of styles (way outside what I think of as the "usual" soft dresses that people seem to prefer for their PW girls).

When I wrote an article for Doll News about dollfie, someone (teafairies@yahoo.co.jp) from customhouse wrote a timeline for me - Jun, 2003: Cyn, Han and Rock, the 1st Anniversary boys are introduced - and then - Jun, 2005: An Event in Show Room for Custom House's 3rd anniversary; Cyn, Han and Rock, the anniversary boys are re-introduced for limited version.

Hope this helps.
WOW Hattie is sooo pretty, I also had no idea I would like them that much??? Etan is gorgeous, surely on of the handsomest CH boys, and to get HB to do his face is awesome

WOOOOOOO!! That helps a ton, thank you! I'm pretty sure Etan is from the 2005 release, then, because he has the newer-style hands on an otherwise old-style body.

I remember the teafairies address--she was the liaison and customer-service person for CH's international customers. Jeez, what was her name? She was so nice and interested in the American CH owners. (I wish I had written down a lot more information along the way.)

OMG, I'm with you on the "who knew?" quality of Peak's Woods. I've always thought of them as pretty but kind of bland . . . maybe it's just because of the tan resin combined with the va-va-voom faceup, but Hattie knocks my socks off.

Your couch RULES.

Etan is adorable and you all over the place.

And yes yes, I've been insane with bigwant of a WS Briana since seeing her in this thread, - she'll be my next! Hattie in tan and that shaggy wig is FANTASTIC.

(Deleted comment)
Ain't that the truth--that it's actually a relief not to like something! And yes, that thread (if I had found it) would definitely have sent me sliding down the slippery slope, oh, yeah.


(Deleted comment)
I am so with you--I learned my lesson re EIDs last spring. I still feel some regret when I see pictures of that beautiful Tedros face--but I couldn't deal with the huge blocky body, once I actually had to handle it in person. But GAH Bichon head WANTWANTWANT.

I am so glad I found that couch fabric! The upholsterer looked at me funny when I showed her my choice in the sample book, but she ran with it, and did a great job.

Ooooo, see, I honestly had never noticed Briana until I saw PW's pictures of the Glamour ones. If I had been going in the Marie Antoinette direction, I would totally have sprung for a WS one with the 'Glamour' faceup.

Etan looks very, very dubious about life in general, doesn't he? I think it comes from spending too many years under a bad faceup. ;-)

that is one helluva beautiful doll!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely couch and lovely dolls! I've been surprised there aren't more people who are into the Peak's Wood dolls over the years. They are really nice. And it's great to Etan's new face-up! Right now my Ryu is in Heavy Bomb's hands. I can't wait to see what he looks like in a couple of weeks.

I would love to know how many of us "old-timers" (heh) rushed to e-mail Heavybomb as soon as we realized she was on DoA. And then there's Sairin!

If Avvelenato or Robin's Egg or Violet Poem suddenly appears on DoA, I will plotz.

oh, she is faboo, and of course being the ancient egypt nut that I am, I LOVE HER NAME!!!!!!!!!!

the couch is so full of 70s win. woot!!

I was just looking around my house and realizing that it's all decorated from the odd-numbered decades: I have stuff from the 30s, the 50s, the 70s, and the 90s. This probably means something, but I dunno what . . .

I adore the fabric on the couch!
PW girls are underrated for sure, i have been tempted by them for so long ..one of these days i will cave and get one. I love the resin color on your girl.
Hooray for CH boys!!

I think it's just a matter of finding THE PW girl who's speaking to you--I'm so glad that I happened to be looking at the DoA News threads when 'The Glamour' release was announced. Hattie is the It girl for me!

The dolls are perfect in their own way. I love that tan. But then I do like tan bjd's.

I love the couch, wow I adore it being colorful. Sweet. But now I want a peppermint.

I am a hopeless addict when it comes to Bob's Sweet Stripes--I can pass up hard peppermints without a qualm, but I can't leave the porous, chalky ones alone. So there's always a bowl of them somewhere . . . come on over and help yourself!

Aww I love your Hattie, I think Briana might be my favorite PW sculpt. (Plz more pix!)

She is so much fun! There will definitely be more pix--we had rain and dark clouds all day today, or I would have been out on the front porch with Hattie and the camera already. ;-)

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