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Old school, new dolls (plus upholstery!)
Nassssty flash trash, but at least you can see what's moving and shaking around my house . . .

Hattie (Hatshepsut, if you want to be formal about it) is a brand-spanking-new Peak's Woods 'The Glamour' Briana. Yummy tan resin, fabulous faceup, gorgeous doll in the "old school" BJD single-jointed style that I love. Count me as a fan of PW--don't know why it took me so long to find one that I couldn't live without, but Hattie will probably not be solo forever. (These are Dollshe urethane eyes in Light Blue, BTW. The flash is really washing them out--they're richer in person.)

Etan is a Customhouse Anniversary Boys Rock from 2005 (I think that was the year of the Anniversary Boys release--does anybody remember the date for sure?). His default faceup was fairly icky when I got him in August, so I commissioned Heavybomb to repaint him. SCORE!!!

And the couch is reupholstered!! Toshi is happy, I'm happy, and at long last I'm not embarrassed to have people over. This picture is a little brighter than the fabric looks IRL, but the overall effect comes across:

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Your couch RULES.

Etan is adorable and you all over the place.

And yes yes, I've been insane with bigwant of a WS Briana since seeing her in this thread, - she'll be my next! Hattie in tan and that shaggy wig is FANTASTIC.

(Deleted comment)
Ain't that the truth--that it's actually a relief not to like something! And yes, that thread (if I had found it) would definitely have sent me sliding down the slippery slope, oh, yeah.


(Deleted comment)
I am so with you--I learned my lesson re EIDs last spring. I still feel some regret when I see pictures of that beautiful Tedros face--but I couldn't deal with the huge blocky body, once I actually had to handle it in person. But GAH Bichon head WANTWANTWANT.

I am so glad I found that couch fabric! The upholsterer looked at me funny when I showed her my choice in the sample book, but she ran with it, and did a great job.

Ooooo, see, I honestly had never noticed Briana until I saw PW's pictures of the Glamour ones. If I had been going in the Marie Antoinette direction, I would totally have sprung for a WS one with the 'Glamour' faceup.

Etan looks very, very dubious about life in general, doesn't he? I think it comes from spending too many years under a bad faceup. ;-)

that is one helluva beautiful doll!!!!!!!!!!!!

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