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A classic college-professor moment.
Seventeen years.

Two colleges.

Dozens of classes.

Hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds) of students.

Yesterday, for the first time in my career, I caught a football player cheating during a test.

The job can't get much more iconic than that.


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OMG, how .. cliche
What a situation.

I knooowwwwwwwww! I hate it SO much when students live down to the stereotypes. *sigh*

(Deleted comment)
I will say that I was pleased with the football coach's and the NCAA compliance specialist's response--they didn't give me even a hint of static. And the paperwork turned out to be all doable by e-mail, for which I was grateful. There *are* advantages to being a tenured professor; I'm sure the process wouldn't have been nearly as smooth or quick if I had been a GTA or an adjunct.

I was mildly annoyed when my department chair's first reaction was to ask whether I have a statement about cheating in my syllabus. I think I made the point politely but firmly that the university has a clear policy against academic dishonesty even if I hadn't put a statement about it in my syllabus. Which of course I did. :spraining eye muscle with the rolling:

This is only the first time?

*sigh* Boys.

Not the first cheater and not the first football player . . . just the first combination of the two.

The most entertaining part of the whole sorry mess was when the football coach told me that he had never seen the kid so scared as when he burst into Coach's office just after I confiscated his cheat notes and kicked him out of class. KAIJU PROFESSOR ME!!! *going to stomp Tokyo now*

Not long ago I saw an article that students nowadays cheat more because of all the electronic ability of information. And thought of you.

btw, got some buttons to send you! Will let you know when I do.

Yeah, the Internet has made plagiarism so rampant that I automatically Google every good sentence I read in a student paper. This makes me sad, but the hit rate is high enough that I can't skip the Google check. But the football-player incident was a case of good old-fashioned notes-on-paper-napkin cheating--so unsophisticated I could hardly believe what I was seeing. GAH.

Buttons = love!!

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