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True Tales: the household pets version

Told by a fellow member of my church's finance council:

This finance-council member--we'll call him S.--and his wife have a son and a daughter, as well as a little Shih Tzu-poodle mix (she's now getting on in years). Back when the daughter was in early elementary school and the son was just about to start middle school, the parents decided to buy a pet rabbit for the little girl. They did everything they could to litter-box-train the rabbit, teach him to go for walks in a harness, etc., etc., but this particular bun would have none of it. Eventually he got so impossible as a house rabbit that they had to move him to a hutch in the back yard. They also bought one of those portable rabbit runs, so he could hop around safely, nibble the grass, and spend time with the family outdoors.

One day the kids decided that they were sorry for poor Mr. Bun, because he was probably lonely out there in the hutch. While he was in the house, he and the dog had been reasonably good pals, and so on this fateful day the kids decided to put the two of them in the portable run together so they could play.

In S.'s own words:

"The rabbit violated my dog."

The dog was extremely confused for quite some time. S. and his wife had a bit of trouble answering the little girl's questions about the game Mr. Bun was playing with Trixie. The boy was just old enough to get it, and that required even more family discussion.

Mr. Bun now lives with a family that has no other pets.
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