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Is it snowing yet?
We actually had a frosting of big wet flakes on grassy spaces Wednesday afternoon. Hattie seems to be waiting for more . . .

And one more shot of pretty Hattie, because I think she's fabulous:

Now, if I can lure you all behind the cut, I'd be interested in knowing whether anyone has seen or heard of this artist head (or its maker) before!

I found this auction on Y!J, not in time to bid on the head; it only went for 5000 yen, !@#*$&#@! http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g96112149 The auction text seems to ID it as "MAO [asao] individual dealer head," but I'm not sure whether MAO is the sculptor's or the mold's name.

Anybody recognize the mold or the maker from doll events in Japan, perchance?

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Hattie is lovely! <3

Good luck tracking down MAO...

-- A <3

Yeah, talk about impossible words to Google . . . I think I'll have to depend on luck and maybe somebody's Dolpa expertise to figure this one out. Still, it's fun to have a project, eh?

Hattie is gorgeous, i am loving her wig!

No idea about the maker of that head..she does remind me a little bit of the earlier Peakwoods girls..

Oooooo, that wig is the one that Evenstar styled for Mally Lee's original auction, and sent along with her. Mally Lee instantly turned into a redhead when she landed here, but the wig has bounced around from doll to doll ever since, without finding the perfect head until now. Hattie OWNS it.

And I see PW in that head too, as well as Volks and CH . . . it's just classic and fun, and I wish I had spotted the auction in time to bid! Waaaaaaaah.

I only recognize her from the auction because I saw her there!
Great catch, I think it's an interesing and lovely head. I had thought I'd seen one before, but I have no clue where.

I'm completely convinced I've seen one of those heads, too. Maybe in another Y!J auction? I will have my eyes peeled from now on, that's for sure--I want one!

Speaking of artist heads (though on the far end of the price spectrum), have you been seeing the Iron Sawada auctions? The latest Iron Sawada head, Ruru, went for 130,000 yen, omgggggggggggg! http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k130324778, and the Iron Sawada website: http://www.ironsawada.com/

Ya, I saw that earlier on and I just don't get it.....she looks like a Volks Ami/Luts SDF hybrid. Sort of too soft and generic to catch my wallet, but I guess somebody wanted her bad.

There were something like 30 bidders in that auction--maybe Iron Sawada is the flavor of the month? I prefer the Mao Asao, or whatever it really is, hands down, but I think you're right about the Ami/SD16 Kira quality in the Iron S. head.

I think she's fabulous too!

I keep thinking Choa when I see that head. Wish I could help. From what I could understand it was a first set of that doll?

Yup, I see Choa there, too--the head really appeals to me because it's a melange of all the classic BJD elements. Do want. Meh.

Hattie is adorable. And the sweater is fabulous on her!

I've never seen that artist before, but I can see why you're attracted to her. She's serious and seriously cute. She's got the same quality the early Re-che sculpt had.

See, I'm finishing knitting projects!!! SO THERE. ;-)

Yup, that head is definitely my kind of thing. Maybe if I'm very, very patient, another one will turn up . . .

There's always another, yes!

And go you! I've finished roughly half a dozen now! It's the best hobby - amazing stress management.

Go you!!! Now, once you get to the point of having unfinished projects all over the house, you'll REALLY be addicted . . .


Are you getting ready to tackle color patterning? When you feel like trying an Icelandic (unless you've already figured it out yourself, of course), just LMK--

Your girl is so beautifull! Love the pix!

Aw, thanks, but I got very lucky with those pix . . . you should see how awful the others are that I took at the same time! ;-) Hattie is really easy to photograph--yet another point in PW's favor.

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