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Ever manage to forget who painted a faceup?

I am so frickin' embarrassed. I finally got around to putting some of my more recent acquisitions in the DoA Database over the weekend, only to realize that I can't remember who sold me Dulcie the Volks Ryo head last summer. It was somebody who does (or did) faceups. She had kept this head in her private collection for quite a while, and now had decided to sell it for a super-reasonable price . . . but it was a brisk, all-business deal, so I didn't chat with the seller much, and her name went straight out of my head as soon as I left feedback.

Yes, I've searched the Customizers forum. And I've searched the Commissionable Artists Gallery. And I've searched my own posts, but they're only archived back a month or so. I cleared out my PM box long ago--no hope of recovering the name there. I suppose I will have to go through the feedback forum page by page, looking for all the threads I've posted in, and isn't that going to be a job?


Anyway, here's Dulcie, because I'm not even sure I ever put her up here. I R LAME.

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