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Still here. Still dolling.
John Henry Newman, long before he was Cardinal Newman, wrote a novel called Loss and Gain. That's a fair enough title for 2011-so-far, isn't it? There's plenty to put in the "loss" column, anyway--for all of us.

But here's some pleasant stuff to share . . .

An Etsy seller I got acquainted with when buying buttons for my sweaters put up a lovely, kind blog post about me yesterday. Many thanks to SagePatch, and a warm welcome to anyone who drops by my LJ because of L's post! http://www.sagepatch.com/2011/03/cynthia-of-squirrel-moon-hand-knits.html

Doll news will be

I lucked into one of my dream Volks heads a few months ago, and Mingyi made her absolutely gorgeous for me. This is Arisu, one of the original LE Ayas (with an oldskin SD10 body, Gumdrops Totally Taupe eyes, a discontinued Volks wig, and a dress from Milky Ange):

My love for earlier Custom House doesn't abate, and the first two recent arrivals to make their bows here are Kidon, a Jun with faceup and some body mods by Hakkun, and Tamas, the Costume Play Ai Knight Leo Han, still in glorious orangey possession of his default HeavyBomb faceup. His eyes are custom ED jobbies I picked up on the Marketplace, and if they were just a teensy bit bigger, they would be perfect for him. Even so, I can live with the gappiness for the sake of that piercing, unsettling gaze. Oh, CH, heigh-ho, how I do love thee.

There will be other resin introductions soon, as more heads come back with new faceups, and as preorders grind their slow way toward completion. I'm also enjoying my fashion dolls more than I have in a few years--in fact, I'm pretty excited about Tonner's upcoming Freedom for Fashion line (imagine Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo in 16" vinyl form).

Must try to persuade Toshi not to bark quite so ferociously at the neighbors' arriving guests, then finish reading the book I'm reviewing for a journal (deadline April 15, want this out of the way much sooner than that). Over & out--

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It's nice to see you posting. I've missed seeing your crew. Hope Phang and B-Boy are well. ^_^

They send their love, and so do the twins! *smooches*

Oh Aya! I loves me Aya, always thought she is such a pretty sculpt. Lucky you!

Old Custom House too plus HeavyBomb, lovely to see your new boys. That Jun has an awesome look. Looks like you are having a lot of fun putting together your dolls.

If those Tonner doll outfits were 12", they would look amazing on the early Fashion Royalty dolls. Either way, love the looks! BTW, did you see the neat Yohji video he put out?

Aya is just such a soft, round, sweet face--everything that appeals to me in early Volks. I like the angularity of early Custom House and the roundness of early Volks . . . good dollmaking on both sides.

Aren't the Tonner Freedom for Fashion outfits great? But nope, I haven't seen the Yohji video--will I find it with a Google search, or do you have a link to share??

Hey, what do I owe you for the Poko bags, and what's your PP addy? I know I have it somewhere, but I always worry that something might have changed in the meantime. Email me, if you don't want to post publicly--sedens81 AT hotmail will get me for sure.

I have a green and a black bag for you. It would be $16.00 for the two if doing a regular Paypal payment. My paypal addy is blukat99 at gmail dot com.

Thanks for helping out!

Just sent the Paypal--yay, thank you!! And thanks for the Yohji video link, too; I'm saving that for an evening treat. :-)

That's a good question about the, hmmmm, generational change in Volks. For me, it's a matter of when I stopped falling in love with new Volks sculpts, and realized that something had started to look different to me in the new heads' facial proportions and features. The last new headmolds that really spoke to me in a lasting way--i.e., didn't leave me cold after the initial thrill wore off--were Emma and Yukinojo, so that was what? DP 14, Christmas 2005.

That is interesting. I seem to be stuck in a certain time frame myself, 2004 to 2005 with only a couple since then. I think 2004 because that was when I started looking at bjds plus it was not easy to get older dolls then.

Not that the newer dolls aren't lovely but yeah, the style did change. Even with some of the re-releases. I wonder if the sculpting techniques changed at Volks then? I also feel like the painting has become rather similar for many dolls. Plus that was when more companies started making dolls at that time. That and the buying market grew and changed too.

Kind of fun to sit back and look at this now. Since it's not to hard to remember when dolls came out and how the industry and owners were then compared to now. I guess I relate to your approach to enjoying the dolls. Also since I'm waiting for an older Volks doll to arrive myself it's given me something to think about.

Thanks for sharing your view point =)

Oh yeah, Yohji's video, I posted it on the fashion and art blog I sometimes do. http://etherealspirits.blogspot.com/2011/03/yohji-yamamotos-dream.html

I like when he says he is into how to cut clothing. I find my favorite designers are the ones that do that. I'm so glad he seems to be coming back. And I was able to see the Commes des Garcons flagship store this last time in Tokyo. That was interesting.

The article was really good btw! You know the buttons I sent you came from Kansas, so I felt like they were returning home.

I'm curious, what years would you say are early Volks? I know when they started but what would be the cut-off roughly?

(Deleted comment)
Awwwwww, I'm glad my crew warmed you up to the early resin! I have to say, I'm most grateful to all the people who don't feel that way, because that means more in the Marketplace at good prices for meeeeeeeeee. While the rest of the world is upgrading to fancy jointing and fantasy parts, I'm retreating into 2003.

The whole tiny-vintage-button thing has been such fun--it's still amazing to me how many sellers there are, both on Etsy and on eBay. Plus, somebody told me that one of the vintage shops here in town has an entire wall of button containers . . . must check that out soon.

We need more pics of Arisu. Mingyi is doing some FAB work.
I am so glad Heavybomb is still doing dolls. So many of the old gang has come and gone.

I'm still reeling from Avvelenato's disappearance--not that I ever expected or even seriously hoped to own any Avvelenato doll, but as long as the site was live and Y!J auctions turned up now & then, I could dream and drool.

I really do like the way Mingyi's style is developing. She has such a nice touch with the earlier Volks girls, especially.

Hurray, welcome back! I loved the interview and the shots of your work. I am slain by your power of scale. X_X Also nice to see your new dolliehs...I have always had a soft spot for early Custom House in particular.

Awwww, thank you! But DollsWest is the queen of scale, honestly, with all her fabulous patterns on multiple-zero size needles. I just don't want to spend that much time knitting any single item, so I fudge a bit . . . finding proper-scale buttons helps a lot.

I still don't think it's easy to beat the best early CH dolls. There were some clinkers--remember Nan? ARGH!--but the good heads have tons of personality in their stylized way. <3 <3 <3

Oh, I've missed your posts :) Your sweaters are so lovely! That was a really nice blog post.

Your older style BJDs are so charming and rather rare to see. I love their classic look.. and they are so sweet too. Some of the newer doll lack that.

It was so sweet of SagePatch to put up that blog post! I thought it was cool that she added a link to Volks--I didn't think of giving that to her, but she dug it up on her own.

I agree 100%; I think a lot of the sweetness and innocence has gone out of the BJD aesthetic recently. Though there are still exceptions--I'm looking hard at Asleep Eidolon's Solstice right now, not that I need to order yet another doll . . .

Arisu is lovely, I've wished for a long time for Volks to re-release Aya. Once in awhile I see a School B that looks close to Aya because of the faceup, but your girl really makes me realize that the School mold isn't even close to the demure sweetness of Aya, congrats!

And yaaay for buttons! That is a nice post.

Aya would make a fabulous re-release, wouldn't she? And I see what you mean about the School B (I wouldn't mind having a pretty School B, myself), but that head just doesn't have the same softness that Aya does. I think Volks was trying to recapture some of that look in Charlotte and Lieselotte, but my heart stays firmly with the earlier heads.

It is so nice to hear from you and to see your gorgeous new boys. One day maybe you could take group shots of the classic Volks boys and Customhouse boys... I would love to see them all together. I think of you as the doll archivist, collecting the rare older dolls while 90% of us run around squeeing over whatever appendages Soom has put on something this month (and I'm talking about myself there ... how many strange-footed Sooms do I have?).
I managed to take a leaf out of your book and absent myself quite a bit from lj to go finish my book manuscript (at least version 1) ... I missed it though. How is your work going?

Oooo, hey, I do have an almost-complete CH lineup--taken before Kidon arrived, and I accidentally left out Nini the Shaman Varim catgirl, but all the pre-Kidon boys are here. It's not much of a photo, but at least it's a record for the time being:

I need to do some real group portraits, 'deed I do. Maybe this summer, since I'm free of the administrative contract now and will actually have a normal faculty summer. I'm looking forward to the end of this semester, because I'm still fried from the Art Department admin. work (stepped down at the end of December), but at least it's more than half done now.

Three cheers for your book ms!!

What a fabulous group picture! Ah, old CH.
I still have older Petites with faceups by Heavybomb and RollingP. I often wonder where some of them ended up.

And lovely, yummy knits!!

Heyyyyyyyyy! Marina and Jane and I are putting together a spreadsheet with information about all the CH Uniques and Limiteds we can locate. Would you e-mail me sometime if you want to play, too? sedens81 AT hotmail

What a lovely family those boys are! So sweet! I'm also longing for the end of semester... time is moving very slowly...
PS Eusebia would say hello if she wasn't in the worst mood ever! (Even by her standards.)

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