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Spring, it be springing
Shinyuu Layne
Enough work-related discouragement, already! How about some arrival and seasonal-celebratory pictures? My neighbors' Bradford pear trees suddenly burst into bloom this afternoon, my forsythia is already past its best, and I do feel for everybody on the East Coast who's shoveling snow.

The haze in these shots, by the way, is a by-product of spring on the prairie: the air around here is full of smoke (and will be for another few weeks) because the ranchers are burning off their native-grass pasture land. It's a fascinating process, but boy, do my eyes itch. Even Toshi doesn't want to spend much time outside, no matter how many squirrels and robins and rabbits there are to chase.

First off, Hattie (tan Peak's Woods Briana) in, well, a hat. I've always seen her as a 1920s girl, and I finally have the ensemble to make that idea work. Of course the wind kicked up just as I took this picture, so there are stray hairs across her face, but such are the hazards of outdoor locations.

And a new arrival: Oleg Denisovich (answers to "Olezhka"), a DIM Danbi with faceup by CherryStreet~Sera.

Olezhka's freshly-painted head just came home today; I put his head and body together from two different DoA Marketplace sellers, and he's been a fun project over the past several weeks. I've eyed Danbi for years--just never came across one conveniently when I was in the mood to buy. I know there's a lot of dissing of the old-style DIM boy body, but I really don't object to it; it stands like a rock, sits nicely, is well-proportioned, and fits into Delf boy clothes just fine. I don't ask for much more from a doll than semi-standard clothes sizing and good sitting.

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Hattie makes a wonderful 1920's girl and Olezhka looks great! Project dolls are fun. Yup to the clothes fitting and sitting.

Your setting is really nice even with a bit of haze. Great you are able to shoot outdoors and share a bit of spring with us!

They both are lovely! I have always loved the 1920s look. Hattie is just perfect and darling :)

Oooh, and a good sitter should never be underrated~!!!

Aww the first pic is so summer sunny *she is so beautifull <3*
Danbi is quite rare (nice looking^^) sculpt , intresting to see :)

I love Hattie.

You know, I'm kind of surprised you didn't have a Danbi before - he seems like a very "you" doll.

Hattie is adorable and YES, the roaring twenties really do suit her look.
I think its the her mouth. Her hat is gorgeous

oh. i love hattie. i love hattie in this wig, hat, and dress. HATTIE!!!

your boy is very cool!! I have always liked Danbi too.

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