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Some people get Soomed.
I get NotDolled. That 3 heads/1 body event was too good to pass up, especially since I've been drawn to Ligaya for ages. But to my surprise, when the box arrived yesterday, Ligaya didn't get the first turn with the body . . .

This is Nantes, and needless to say, she's a Belladonna head. Isn't she a hoot? The other two Weird Sisters are Dieppe (Ligaya) and Albi (Aemaeth), all with very nice NotDoll faceups. Despite the grumblings that I've read about the NotDoll Lady body, I like it--this seems to be a theme with me, huh? The Lady body is beautifully balanced and has excellent torso mobility, and the body proportions are much more elegant than they look in NotDoll's pictures. (What IS that camera angle NotDoll uses, anyway? Sheesh.)

My one complaint, and the reason that only Nantes has had her picture taken so far, is that it's a PITA to change the heads. The tiny openings at the bases require untying the elastic knots and retying them inside the head every time I want to swap heads. I wish I could come up with a rejigger to make head swapping easier, but the only idea I have is widening the openings, and I'm a little reluctant to do that for fear of creating structual-integrity problems. Also, I'm a coward.

For the life of me, I can't make my camera see the awesome colors in these yarns.

They aren't muddy eggplant and washed-out jewel tones; they're vibrant deep magenta and true jewel tones, so there. But I'm mostly posting these pictures because I like this "urban twinset" concept; it's a combination of a reworked Scotty Maloney pattern for Tonners and a slight variation on a pattern by my dear friend sillydogs. Eventually, there will be more to come in the Etsy shop, though at this point in the semester my knitting time is sadly limited.

And thinking about Etsy . . . it's interesting that my customers there are almost all girl-BJD people, many of them new to BJDs altogether. Maybe boy-BJD owners just don't shop Etsy? Or boy-BJD owners want punk and Goth clothes instead of my preppy-retro style? At any rate--interesting. And it's making me think all kinds of curious thoughts about audience and self-selection and who actually looks for BJD clothes on Etsy, hmmmm.

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Could you put the knots down in her torso instead of at the top of her neck? (I am only guessing that's the way they're strung).

Oh, there's an idea--then only the S-hook and the loop of elastic would have to pull up through the base-of-head opening! See, I'm hopeless at these things . . . if I see knots poking up out of the neck, I assume that's where they have to stay.

If you're keen on restringing her, you could turn the elastic so the knot is inside the body instead of the head. that's what i do with the machinas because their heads are so tiny.



I really wanted to go for the three for one too, but i don't like the aesthetic of the lady body. I've become terribly picky about aesthetics I'm afraid. :/

Don't get in the way of my awesome, babycakes...

I don't know why I've become so unpicky about aesthetics--or maybe what I mean is that my aesthetic sense has become a lot more eclectic (heh). But I can well imagine that sculpting your own dolls, not to mention all the other artwork you do, would refine your eye to the point where it just won't tolerate oddball shapes.

(Deleted comment)
The frustrating thing is that I've already edited the hell out of these, and this is the best result I can get. There should be plenty of light; the camera isn't having any trouble focusing, and what I see in the viewfinder is clear and bright (not to mention true to color). But the images that I see when I transfer from the camera to the computer are murky and dim and GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Maybe it's time to dedicate some of the tax refund to upgrading the equipment, eh?

(Deleted comment)
I'm becoming more and more convinced that the sensor is dying--this morning I was comparing pictures I took in the past few days with pictures I took just a couple of weeks ago (when there was LESS light in the room), and the decline in image quality is really dramatic. I suppose I dropped the poor old point & shoot one too many times, besides the fact that it was probably coming to the end of its natural lifespan anyway. Come on, tax refund!

You got Not Dolled all right! Cute outfit
I think its amazing how the camera gets some stuff right and others .. either too muted or too vivid
People may buy a boy 1 sweater but we know a girl needs at least 3

Ha! I think you're onto something there--my Etsy peeps are definitely amassing sizable wardrobes for their girls. Me, I'm an equal-opportunity shopper (:eyeing the humongous bin of boy clothes:).

I love the sweaters!! Colors are hard to capture of several fibers. Black and white are the hardest to get true. But then velvet is impossible to photo to see the velvet. Now if you want to photo jewelry, velvet works wonders to enhance the jewelry. Silks tend to deflect light differently too, another tricky fiber to photo.

Can't wait to see the three faces. This semester will be over soon, as will my project. I sure have been interrupted on this one several times. I'll be glad to be working on something else. Take care, see you soon.

So true about colors and certain fibers! Mohair drives me nuts to photograph--the texture just doesn't show up right. Grrrrrrr.

I owe you an e-mail in the worst way . . . will correct that situation after work. (((big hug)))

I love that twinset! I don't normally have to worry about being Soomed or NotDolled, but I should own stock in Iple, LOL!

And your Iple addiction makes me VERY happy, because it produces such awesome pictures for me to drool over! <3 <3 <3

Wow, it's been ages since I've seen a Belladonna! Good show!

Yeah the Volks knot in the torso is a good idea. If you still need a neck piece, a washer with moleskin in the head below the S-hook works well.

That sweater color looks lovely on my screen but then I've got one of them extra umpfy kind of computers that ups the pixels and all that. Let me think. The one sweater I do have which is actually being worn by one of the boys is a rather loose knit kind of thing that has a shirt underneath but actually a tank top would look better with it. It's a recent Volks set. I don't think everyone is totally punk/goth, I think there are a lot of doll owners who like a kind of sexy older guy vibe. Sort of a host club/idol kind of thing. Or more of the romance novel deal? If any of that makes sense. That's for the bigger dolls. The smaller, maybe a little more punk or preppy. I know Mikey sure would like a muffler some day.

I hope that helped a little. And yes, purple is a very hard color to photograph. I think cameras have a hard time dealing with red + blue.

I hadn't even thought about the peculiar issue of purple . . yup, red is tricky, blue is tricky, so red + blue would of course be tricky on steroids!

Heyyyyyy, I am SO far behind on acknowledging things, but the Poko bags arrived safe and sound, and the green one is already in service for various knitting projects! I've decided to be generous and give the black one to a dear friend of Toshi's (and a Japanophile) as part of her birthday present this week. Unless, of course, the generous impulse fails me and I snatch it out of the gift bag at the last minute. ;-)

If your camera is on auto, it may think there is more light then there actually is and its stopping down. (white backgrounds sometimes cause this) If your camera has a +/- try playing around with that. In this case you need to plus it!! :)

GRRRRRRRR . . . tried it, hoped for the best, but plussing made no difference at all in the final image quality. I think the sensor is flickering in and out of life--in the past few days, more than half the time, the camera is giving me dark, grainy pictures like these even in direct sunlight. I can really see the difference between the images it was producing a couple of weeks ago and what it's doing now. RIP, faithful camera.

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