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Some people get Soomed.

I get NotDolled. That 3 heads/1 body event was too good to pass up, especially since I've been drawn to Ligaya for ages. But to my surprise, when the box arrived yesterday, Ligaya didn't get the first turn with the body . . .

This is Nantes, and needless to say, she's a Belladonna head. Isn't she a hoot? The other two Weird Sisters are Dieppe (Ligaya) and Albi (Aemaeth), all with very nice NotDoll faceups. Despite the grumblings that I've read about the NotDoll Lady body, I like it--this seems to be a theme with me, huh? The Lady body is beautifully balanced and has excellent torso mobility, and the body proportions are much more elegant than they look in NotDoll's pictures. (What IS that camera angle NotDoll uses, anyway? Sheesh.)

My one complaint, and the reason that only Nantes has had her picture taken so far, is that it's a PITA to change the heads. The tiny openings at the bases require untying the elastic knots and retying them inside the head every time I want to swap heads. I wish I could come up with a rejigger to make head swapping easier, but the only idea I have is widening the openings, and I'm a little reluctant to do that for fear of creating structual-integrity problems. Also, I'm a coward.

For the life of me, I can't make my camera see the awesome colors in these yarns.

They aren't muddy eggplant and washed-out jewel tones; they're vibrant deep magenta and true jewel tones, so there. But I'm mostly posting these pictures because I like this "urban twinset" concept; it's a combination of a reworked Scotty Maloney pattern for Tonners and a slight variation on a pattern by my dear friend sillydogs. Eventually, there will be more to come in the Etsy shop, though at this point in the semester my knitting time is sadly limited.

And thinking about Etsy . . . it's interesting that my customers there are almost all girl-BJD people, many of them new to BJDs altogether. Maybe boy-BJD owners just don't shop Etsy? Or boy-BJD owners want punk and Goth clothes instead of my preppy-retro style? At any rate--interesting. And it's making me think all kinds of curious thoughts about audience and self-selection and who actually looks for BJD clothes on Etsy, hmmmm.
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