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I love being a knitter . . .
. . . because that way I find out about such gloriously nutso books as
Knit Your Own Dog


and Knit Your Own Royal Wedding.

I think there's a knitted Archbishop of Canterbury in my future.

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Heh, I've been working out of the dog book!!!! They're a bit wonky but cuter than....knitted dogs should be.

Knit the Archbishop. Do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Oh, cool! So the knitted dog patterns work, then? I was horribly disappointed in a knitted teddy-bear book I got awhile back, because the patterns were so !@*#$#&! fussy--10+ tiny knitted pieces in every bear that had to be sewn together perfectly in order to get a decent-looking finished project.

Do you know Cottage Creations' knitted doll patterns, by any chance? I'm not sure they're still in print, but I love them--Sven Scandinavian, Paddy & Bridget, et al. The challenge is all in the knitting; there's almost no sewing-up to do at the end.

I hate hate hate sewing up....but then I also dislike knitting in the round so although I make a lot of toys, C, I tend to knit flat and sew.:( My knitting goal for this year is to just learn how to love dpn and stop with the ridiculous mattress stitch! I googled those patterns - cute!

I SOOOOOO want a knitted Archbishop of Canterbury!!! A new line for your Etsy store, yes??

I gave that knitted dog book to my friend Michael recently as a gift. Found a copy atthe Kunokiniya bookstore. It's cute!

Hiya, Cynthia! Unrelated to knitting, but just wanted to let you know that I added as a friend here. That way you can keep track of Mr. M when he lands at my abode. Glad you're on LJ. :D

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