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Custom House love, Part One

This is for nikittin, fairemma, and all the other fans of pre-meltdown Custom House who wander by. Thanks to the Wayback Machine (all hail, Wayback Machine!), I've been gathering up as many of the original CH website images of my dolls as I can pull off the captures. I thought it would be fun to post a series of "then and now" pictures . . .

First up, Claudine--CH Limited Sia.

CH site, October 2003 (already marked "soldout"):

And here she is, one owner behind her, after she ditched the cabbage roses (though I still have them safely tucked away, along with the rest of the default outfit):

The Wayback Machine captures of the CH website all seem to have broken image links for Claudine's sweetie Flynn (limited Ainomori Jun 2nd for Japan), *sniffle.* He first appears in the capture from April 2004; his paperwork dates him to February 2004, I think, though I need to get it out and check my facts.

Default outfit, when he arrived at my house (via krbuss and before that, pacific_rin):

As he's evolved around here:

And my favorite picture of the two of them, playing dress-up for a photostory:

More anon!
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