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Never mind poetry--I have a Feral Boy here!
Sasha Blaze
Flist, meet Saiki. Sculpted by Minawa Aya, soon to be made lifelike by thelyn, and currently perched precariously atop the SD13 body that, after all I paid for it, I certainly hope isn't too bulky for him.

Also: the kimonos I bought? Well, I've only opened one, because I'm savoring the excitement, but I'll just say--Worth. Every. Penny. This first brocade one included not only the underlayer kimono and the outer black one, but two soft sashes, an obi, AND a haori in the same brocade as the outer kimono.

I really wish I didn't have a music rehearsal and a ton of reading to do tonight, AND a trip out of town tomorrow through Saturday morning. I want to stay home and plaaaaaaaaaay!

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i think his head will be good on that body - the resin match looks PERFECT, I don't think it looks too big for his head! he's beautiful - really beautiful!!!!!!!

The resin match is as close to perfect as I can imagine--the pureskin body is a *tiny* bit richer in color, but with a faceup, there will be no way at all to tell the difference. I was so worried about that, but (as with a lot of my worries) all for naught, all for naught.

He is WONDERFUL!!!! What a treasure! And the_lyn does such amazing work, he is going to come home and just blow you away! The body/head match looks pretty good to me...

Can't wait for kimono pics!

I am insanely in love with him! I will be keeping a very close eye on the sculptor's website, because she has another boy head (she calls him "Inkstone," which amuses me) that she's thinking about producing for sale.

Kimono pics probably not until Saturday or Sunday, waaaaahhh!!

He looks COOL! When do I get him? *grabby hands* Can't wait to see the kimonos too!

The packaging on the second kimono is so spiffy that I can't bring myself to open it yet! I may save it until I get back from my little trip, on Saturday. Or I may rip into it over breakfast, who knows? :-)

Will email you about timing and suchlike--

Hooyeah! Made up for a considerable amount of annoyance at work today. :-)

It looks like the "hump" of the neck might be a little big... but I don't think it's a problem if it doesn't bother you. :3 If you want sometime after I get back from my parents we could meet up here or in lawerence or something and you could try him on a CP body if it DOES bother you.

Yeah, it's that bulgy Volks neck thing--the head is sculpted to fit an SD13 boy neck opening, and it does fit perfectly, but then the neck swells out a little more than I would ideally want it to. (Though I have to say, Etienne's Narin neck is awfully bulgy for such a girlyboy, LOL.) What I really meant, though, is that the SD13 torso is so solid and muscular, where the head is smallish and delicate. But the resin match is so good that I don't much want to start shopping around for other bodies, either! Ah, well, these are the ins and outs of The Hobby, huh?

Yowsa!!!! He's gorgeous. We have wayy to much the same taste in dolls. Who's the sculptor? Link please, if you don't mind too much.

And just think--without the Internet, who woulda knew? ;-)

Enablers R Us! The sculptor is Minawa Aya, and the Saiki head is the only one she's selling right now, but I do have hopes for his brother Inkstone someday; she's made noises in her blog about planning production for him, too. Here's the website: http://minawa.main.jp

Since I bought this head on Y!J, she's added a direct sales page, but with my two words of Japanese, I wouldn't have been able to navigate it. All homage to Celga, who make it possible for me to spend SO much money, not to mention entertain the local post office with my frequent trips to sign for EMS packages . . .

What a great site. You have 2 more words of Japanese than I do. But I love her disclaimers. *G*

nifty.com has helped me a LOT with the site (her little English disclaimer only went up a few days ago)--its webpage translation service produces something almost like human language for this one.

Minawa-san's blog is fun: she complains about wanting a boyfriend and posts pictures of weird things she's bought, as well as talking about her sculpting. Right now she's going on vacation, where her highest ambition is to stay in the same ryokan room where Mishima once stayed. ;-)

And did you see the head she sculpted for that strange little vintage mechanical servant doll? Too cool.

Oh my god, he's gorgeous. I think he looks great on the body. I can not WAIT to see how he comes along.

Yay kimonos!

Isn't he gorgeous? Isn't he???!!!! <3 <3 <3

I say this is vindication for impulse buyers everywhere.

He's absolutely wonderful. I love the head and I'm excited to see how he'll turn out.

Where in this green earth did you ever find him. I love the shape of his eyes. ^^

He was on Yahoo!Japan, just sitting there with a perfectly reasonable BIN price--11,500 yen--and I already had one of the kimonos waiting to be shipped, so, well, there was no reason not to go with the impulse flow, right?

I rooted around the auction with various translation programs and figured out the sculptor's website a day or two later: http://minawa.main.jp

*bowing and pouring a libation to the collective mind that developed the Internet*

Hey, how's Saiki/Feral Boy coming along?

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