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Never mind poetry--I have a Feral Boy here!
Sasha Blaze
Flist, meet Saiki. Sculpted by Minawa Aya, soon to be made lifelike by thelyn, and currently perched precariously atop the SD13 body that, after all I paid for it, I certainly hope isn't too bulky for him.

Also: the kimonos I bought? Well, I've only opened one, because I'm savoring the excitement, but I'll just say--Worth. Every. Penny. This first brocade one included not only the underlayer kimono and the outer black one, but two soft sashes, an obi, AND a haori in the same brocade as the outer kimono.

I really wish I didn't have a music rehearsal and a ton of reading to do tonight, AND a trip out of town tomorrow through Saturday morning. I want to stay home and plaaaaaaaaaay!

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Hey, how's Saiki/Feral Boy coming along?

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