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In the Sasha collectors' world, they're called "waifs."

Not sure there's a generally-accepted BJD equivalent, though. You know: the eBay or Y!J or Marketplace steals that wind up being worth just about what one paid for them because of yellowing or damage. Some Sasha people specialize in waifs, and bring out their ragamuffin cuteness with a little repair and careful dressing. BJD waifs . . . well, what does happen to them? I have the (possibly inaccurate) sense that they wind up being new modders' practice pieces, but now and then one will fall into the hands of someone who didn't really expect quite as much of a project as the doll turned out to be.

Not that I'm thinking of fairemma's Y!J bargain Chris, or anything. *snerk*

I indulged in a BJD waif-purchase on eBay recently. Great transaction (THREE DAYS from Korea to Kansas), doll with lots of old-school charm, but yeeeeeeeellow--more so than I expected from the auction pictures and text. I know I can unstring and Oxyclean him, and someday I may do that, but for now he'll just be his uncooperative 2003 oldskin SD10 self.

Introducing Mitsuo, though please call him Mish (he thinks it sounds like the name of a tough TV detective, which he aspires to be). He is a Prince of Darkness Michael head on a Ryo body. We haven't quite agreed on a look yet, but these four are in the running so far. Pictures are a problem right now because both of my cameras are definitely giving up the ghost, so be warned that there is peculiarly awful flash trash ahead.

Look #1: Special Jungle Green eyes, CoolCat wig.

Look #2: Dollshe Sea Blue eyes (unless they're Field Blue?), Volks wig.

Look #3: aforementioned Dollshe eyes, AnotherSpace fur wig:

Look #4: aforementioned Dollshe eyes, different AnotherSpace fur wig:

I suppose the Early World Lit. papers won't grade themselves, so I'll go do something about that. Happy Monday, alls!
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