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In the Sasha collectors' world, they're called "waifs."
Not sure there's a generally-accepted BJD equivalent, though. You know: the eBay or Y!J or Marketplace steals that wind up being worth just about what one paid for them because of yellowing or damage. Some Sasha people specialize in waifs, and bring out their ragamuffin cuteness with a little repair and careful dressing. BJD waifs . . . well, what does happen to them? I have the (possibly inaccurate) sense that they wind up being new modders' practice pieces, but now and then one will fall into the hands of someone who didn't really expect quite as much of a project as the doll turned out to be.

Not that I'm thinking of fairemma's Y!J bargain Chris, or anything. *snerk*

I indulged in a BJD waif-purchase on eBay recently. Great transaction (THREE DAYS from Korea to Kansas), doll with lots of old-school charm, but yeeeeeeeellow--more so than I expected from the auction pictures and text. I know I can unstring and Oxyclean him, and someday I may do that, but for now he'll just be his uncooperative 2003 oldskin SD10 self.

Introducing Mitsuo, though please call him Mish (he thinks it sounds like the name of a tough TV detective, which he aspires to be). He is a Prince of Darkness Michael head on a Ryo body. We haven't quite agreed on a look yet, but these four are in the running so far. Pictures are a problem right now because both of my cameras are definitely giving up the ghost, so be warned that there is peculiarly awful flash trash ahead.

Look #1: Special Jungle Green eyes, CoolCat wig.

Look #2: Dollshe Sea Blue eyes (unless they're Field Blue?), Volks wig.

Look #3: aforementioned Dollshe eyes, AnotherSpace fur wig:

Look #4: aforementioned Dollshe eyes, different AnotherSpace fur wig:

I suppose the Early World Lit. papers won't grade themselves, so I'll go do something about that. Happy Monday, alls!
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I like #1 in a very oldskool way, and #4 as being a really cute look for him :)

-- A <3

There's something about the adorable-schoolboy look that completely melts my heart. Those eyes are a little too GREEEEEEEEEEEN, but a duller shade might be just the ticket.

Also, variation on #4 coming up--I think I have a better pair of eyes in him now. !@#*$&! work, getting in the way of my dolly time.

I'm with Ashbet on this one. #1 and #4 do it.

Also, I am a waif collector and have many more than people think. There are ways of playing up those disadvantages as strengths and often people see mine without realizing they were a waif.

This is true! I think once I replace the pixel-losing hardware and can divest myself of the flash again, this guy's yellowness will photograph as a nice lifelike skintone.

Ginger wigs also play up that yellowed tone too... or a nice reddish brown. ^^

Adorable. I'm a sucker for the old-skool, and favor look #1.

That CoolCat wig is one of my faves--it is just sooooooo fifth-grade adorable.

Eh, I'm always the odd duck out......I like #2 because I think the wig color compliments his faceup more. Plus I just like that style on him.

True, there's a gingery quality to the faceup, and the red wig does give him a little more pop and fizz. Still, I kinda wish that wig were a little more brown and a little less copper. Shopping time!!!

I like the red wig /clothes combo of the 2nd photo also :)

Oh, you're right--the wig is picking up on the reddish stripe in the shirt!!

Oh, I think he is wonderful despite his yellowing. Congrats on him! I favor the first two :3

The only waif I have (as of yet) is my SchA SWD. His eyes were partly opened and needed a whole lotta cleaning up. I think he looks pretty good now and I very happy with him. :)

As of yesterday evening, I think I'm getting closer and closer to nailing Mish's look--he's a more formal dresser than I thought he would be, which is interesting . . .

I just love rescue stories! Three cheers for saving and spiffing up your SwD A--

Oh, look at him! Oh, he's just SO adorable. Congrats on your new "waif"! Great term!

I like him best as a redhead and am leaning towards #2 because I'm a sucker for old-style wigs like that. <3

In the photos, Mish doesn't look that yellow, and anyway, you can sort of look at it like he earned that tone; it's part of his history. :)

I agree 100%--for a fifth-grader, Mish has quite a bit of history behind him! And the great thing about yellower/darker resin is that it does photograph in a more lifelike way . . . once I get him outside in natural light, I think he's going to look awesome.

Speaking of adorable (and hot), GAGE!!!! He must have been waiting around for me to figure out that he belongs with you--look at the way he's blossomed on his very first day!

Wow, your waif post reminded me that I have someone who's elastic gave out long ago and has been waiting in a container all this while. Maybe now that I've restrung my fair share of bjds I can attempt to fix my Sasha that I got like 40 years ago? (she was new then, time has done what time does)

He's adorable. I'm guessing the first wig probably down-plays the yellowing while the red ones might make it more noticeable. I like his little nose and pouty mouth. I think his story is very sweet!

I've never tried to restring a Sasha, but I'm getting curious about the process--would love to hear how you get on. 40-year-old girl deserves to leave the container!

I know the one problem is that has kept me from fixing her is that I can't use a bjd stringing tool because the openings in the arms are very narrow. Plus I need to make sure the metal parts are going to hold.

I finally found an interesting restringing guide. It will help since I don't remember how the leg stringing went. I will have to see how this goes. I will let you know!

Of course, now I'm spending time peering into Sasha joints with a flashlight instead of grading papers . . . sheesh.

Very handsome young chap

I do like him! Yellow or not, he looks very nice. Good luck with the papers.

Re: Very handsome young chap

He is the same size (but without the torso joint) as your Marsh-formerly-Jamie, though I don't think Mish has had quite such a cushy life, heh . . .

Could be the Mish Mash buds {ggg} - a boys only club. They need a play date then, do they not. I like the first two looks the best I think. The third one reminds me of Penn(?) - I think I have the name right, one of your first ones - but then it could just be the wig.

Re: Mish and Marsh

Oh, our two SD10 boys definitely need a playdate! I want to compare the bodies side by side, too.

And you're so right--in that blond wig and blue eyes, he does look like a minimee of Pen, disapproving expression and all. Sheesh!

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