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Belated introduction: Customhouse St, Mina, ver. 2
Ever have a doll you liked so much you couldn't manage to take pictures? These still don't do the lovely creature justice, but at least they're a start.

This is Injeong, a lucky eBay find over the winter. She came with a horrible faceup (including gloppy Pepto-Bismol-pink lip paint), but also with the original special Dollmaster-release box, all her paperwork, and a copy of the Dollmaster DVD, which I had never seen. AmyAngel redid her face for me, and I think Amy really captured the "old CH" look that I was hoping for.

I was calling her "India" when she had the pink lipstick, but when she came home with her new face, she looked so perfectly Korean that I had to change the name. Granted, the Dollshe Aluminum eyes don't look as Korean as the rest of her, but I figure goddesses get to tinker with their eye color for fun.

Injeong's hanbok is from Sonokong, made back when they released the Rheia doll. I know this wig isn't quite right for a Korean traditional style, but it's as close as I could get with the wigs I have around the house right now.

Outtake (!@#*#$&!^ stray hairs!!):

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OMG, I want to see your mom's Mad Eyes! (Actually, I'd really like to see her not-mad eyes, too--they sound beautiful.)

I've been reading a mystery series set in North Korea, and one of the interesting background points is just how much traffic goes back and forth between the Korean peninsula and the Asian mainland (the former-Soviet-Union parts as well as the Chinese parts). In the far northern rural areas, at least as this series has it, it's tough to sort the Koreans from the Siberians from the northeastern Chinese--there must be some interesting (and pretty) genetic combinations.

I was kind of fascinated, this past semester, to find that one of the three Korean students in my afternoon remedial-writing class had both a Chinese name and what looked like Chinese features/build to me. I would never have pegged him as Korean, especially next to the two typically Korean-looking kids.

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