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the Anime High School

Over time, I've started thinking of my dolls as students in an anime high school . . . you know the kind, with a Mean Girl who becomes the heroine's frenemy by the end of the first season, and blushing declarations of love at the end of the cultural festival, and a goofy kendo club, and all the other Anime High School cliches. The minis, of course, are students at the allied Anime Elementary School, and the younger-looking bigger dolls go to the Anime Middle School, and somewhere there's also an Anime University where the 70cms hang out in the club room and avoid preparing for job interviews.

In my mind, there are many, many awesome photostories for all the dovetailing plots and relationships in this loosely-organized, painfully cliched, and probably internally contradictory world (I mean, where does Sejong fit, anyway? And what about the Lumedoll elves?). But since I will probably never take the trouble to crawl around on the floor and mess with props and backgrounds to shoot said awesome photostories, have a couple of character profiles instead.

Fujiko (old F-08, faceup by AmyAngel) is the Mean Girl whose Meanness is more of a defense mechanism than serious troublemaking. She doesn't really hate any of the Nice Girls, but since she transferred in from an offscreen Anime School, she's lost her social bearings and doesn't quite know how to make a new place for herself. I also suspect Fujiko of being the kind of girl who spreads ghost stories.

Taeko (called Koi-san, because her family is from Osaka and she's the youngest sister) is the Artistic Rebel Girl who's given to customizing her uniform and being sent home to change. Always ready to stand up for herself and her friends in the face of teacher or sempai criticism. (Lady Sylvie, faceup by Mingyi)

Lalalalalalala. Back to rewatching Ghost Slayers Ayashi (speaking of an emphatically non-High School anime) and sewing sweaters together.
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