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Truth in advertising (knitting ver.)
So, Elizabeth Zimmermann called this color pattern "Cable Hawser," and I swear, in her Knitting Workshop picture it really did look like a figure-8 ship's rope. But when I knitted it, what did I get?

Hokusai's ever-lovin' Great Wave, that's what I got.

I still kinda like it, but a Cable Hawser it is NOT.

This bit of knitting randomness brought to you by a yesterday of fierce concentration on my Women in Victorian Literature syllabus. Am brain-fried, headachy, and blurry-visioned today, but have to go in to the office for an advising appointment this afternoon. Maybe a shower will help. At least it isn't supposed to be 112 degrees here this afternoon, the way it was at 3 p.m. yesterday.

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I can sort of see how it looks like a knot a little still. Maybe it different colors it would be more knot-like? It looks nice though even as a wave to me.

Whenever it is super hot I just want to eat watermelon and ice cream and stay inside lol

True--if I had used higher-contrast colors, I might have gotten more of the rope effect. I think EZ used hot pink for the "rope" and three shades of blue in the "openings." But I'm amused that I got such a wave thing going without realizing it . . .

Staying inside, check! And there might be an ice-cream sandwich somewhere in the depths of the freezer. Must go look for it.

Waves or hawsers, it is splendid--you say this emerged from work on a syllabus? Good lord, maybe I need syllabi, too, or something. XD

Heh. The knitting was mostly done in a bout of syllabus procrastination last weekend, and then when I had the thing drafted, I treated myself to a bit of modeling-and-photographing.

I find that avoiding real work is a great way to finish craft projects. ;-)

I concur. Writing a piece for work, 90 pp, due Friday...and my first-ever sweater, Alice Starmore's "Durrow," is coming along very nicely, why thanks for asking. XD

Synchronicity moment, sorta kinda: the gray accent yarn in "Great Wave" there is an old Starmore color, "Eider Duck."

I've never gotten all the way through a Starmore sweater, but I do love to leaf through her books before I go to sleep. Durrow is your first??? Whoooo!!!

(And go get 'em on the writing! I still have one syllabus to go, and some things about it settled in my mind while I was waiting for a car repair this morning. Sometimes it's the odd moments when important parts of the work really gets done.)

It is a very pretty sweater either way :) -and I also think a higher contrast would most likely be the ticket.

Wow, 112 degrees! That is even hotter than you said the other day! That is around about how hot my husband said it was for him in Iraq.

I may come back to this pattern in different colors sometime, and see whether I get the cable effect. There's something very mid-'60s about it, either way--the sweater really needs a guitar and round granny glasses to accessorize it properly, heh.

Yup, and I do believe that in Iraq it's a dry heat. *melting into puddle of sticky Kansas goo* This is almost a Leno or Letterman joke, but when I came out of the office this afternoon, after a few hours of advising appointments, my rear-view mirror had fallen off the inside of the windshield. As best I can figure out, the adhesive melted.

It wasn't that hot here on the 10th. I've rather enjoyed the cooler 90's and 80's. Love Lasse!! Love the wave affect you achieved with this sweater. Missed you this summer. Where did it go?!?

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