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Truth in advertising (knitting ver.)

So, Elizabeth Zimmermann called this color pattern "Cable Hawser," and I swear, in her Knitting Workshop picture it really did look like a figure-8 ship's rope. But when I knitted it, what did I get?

Hokusai's ever-lovin' Great Wave, that's what I got.

I still kinda like it, but a Cable Hawser it is NOT.

This bit of knitting randomness brought to you by a yesterday of fierce concentration on my Women in Victorian Literature syllabus. Am brain-fried, headachy, and blurry-visioned today, but have to go in to the office for an advising appointment this afternoon. Maybe a shower will help. At least it isn't supposed to be 112 degrees here this afternoon, the way it was at 3 p.m. yesterday.
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