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Oh, yeah.
Hallbjorn, Son of the Vikings.

Dollshe Bernard, Pure body, SA faceplate. Faceup by Faint Pulse.

And his twin, Lasse: OE faceplate, also by Pulse.

Worth the wait, but don't tell Dollshe I said so.

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Beautiful pair of Northmen. Congratulations!

Aw, thanks! I'm thrilled to see them come together--and what fun to have the two faceplates to switch off when the mood strikes. I wish the magnets in the faceplates were a tad stronger, but it's nothing that a dab of eye putty won't fix.

(Deleted comment)
*bows* Thank you kindly, Landlady of Dance!

Lovely boy! I love the SA faceplate especially.

Totally adore the icelandic sweater, as well as the bordeaux speckled one. :D

Oh, I knoooooooowwwwwww . . . that SA faceplate takes my breath away. I think it's going to be my default choice--the OE is lovely, but something about that SA is extra-special.

Thanks for the kind compliments! I've been having a lot of fun this summer; it's a shame that work is starting to cut into my knitting time again. *grump*

Your guys are gorgeous! Makes me itch for my own. :D

I like the Pure body so, so much--the sculpting is wonderfully detailed, and while I thought I might feel nostalgic for some of the original body's quirks, that's a big nuh-uh.

Ooh wow, your boys are done! They look wonderful:DDD Congrats on their lovely faceups and getting them home safely <3 I love your sweaters--beautiful work!

I am SO relieved to have the postal ordeal over and done with, and with such a great result, too!

It's been a lot of fun to have time this summer for finishing up abandoned knitting projects--these two sweaters have been in partly-knitted states for months, sheesh.

Gosh do not start me thinking about Dollshe's again. Beautiful Vikings.

Dollshes are addictive, and they like to live in herds . . . c'mon, don't you think your guys need some (more) company??

Might be time to rejoin the hunt.

wonderful,sexy male attitudes there on your boys !!!CONGRATS

have you ever knit a fashion out of crochet thread {the plain cotton kind,that people make dollies and bedspreads out of ????
I crochet doll sweaters out of it and I wonder how i would be knitted

I really think Pulse nailed these faceups--they look soft and natural but still masculine. Yum!

I haven't ever knitted with crochet thread, but not because it wouldn't work--it would work just fine, if you enjoy the feel of cotton in your hands. I don't use cotton much at all, because I don't like its lack of springiness; my hands and wrists get sore after I knit with cotton for more than a few minutes at a time. The only cotton yarns I enjoy working with are the blends with wool or elastic spun into the fiber.

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