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LJ Update of Randomness.
. . . well, that took a while, didn't it? Oops.

As you've all probably gathered, it's been a busy semester. I'm still adjusting to the change from department-chair work/schedule to regular faculty work/schedule, though I think I'm getting more of the hang of it by now. There's a lot of transition in progress at work, but it's all above my pay grade, so I have the luxury of observing rather than acting.

There's considerable dolly news, to the point where I have no idea what I've recorded here and what I haven't. My herd has exceeded the space available in DoA's profile list, which is kinda horrifying when I stop to think about it. And I'm feeling like consolidating a bit--focusing more on my three best-beloved companies (old Custom House, mostly-older Volks, mostly-older Dollshe) and reducing some of the singleton population at the edges. Plenty of the singletons aren't going anywhere, though (Sejong the Dollti D, Kit the Dollstown Mui, Avi the Unidoll UH-06, Robin Lowe the Elf Shiwoo, Mehy the Souldoll Gunun, Grail the Hypermaniac Omiclon and his Hyper-tiny familiar Yoona, and of course the Saiki twins). And I have a small subgroup of Lumedolls that's assembling itself, come to think of it. BUT if anyone is jonesing for, say, an Oceanmoon Shou-Ryu on a Volks SD13B body, or a DIM Danbi, or a NotDoll Lady body with three heads (Ligaya, Aemaeth, and Belladonna), I think they would be better off with someone who would actually play with them. They all have lovely faceups and would come with wigs, eyes, and an outfit, so drop me a message if you're interested at all, 'k?

Er, and I did put in for the OE Winter Smile Nono in the DP26 lottery. Times two, to improve my odds--Kerbey Lane and Volks. Should I be plunking down that kind of money on a doll, especially after an autumn that involved replacing the underground lawn-sprinkler system AND all the outdoor lighting at my house, as well as having two of my enormous trees thoroughly trimmed and shaped? Ow ow ow.

Christmas is completely beyond me--I still have three papers to grade before final grades are due at noon today, and while the house is decorated, no presents or cards have been sent. And I have an article's final version due to a journal by the 27th (including the miserable job of changing the whole thing from MLA to Chicago style), so I'm not at all sure holidays are going to happen around here. Valentine's Day presents are a nice thing, though, right?

I'll end with a couple of successes, or at least I think they are. Back in graduate school, I was the culinary champion of the whole program--I cooked my way through several countries' cuisines, I had people over to my apartment all the time, I contributed to potlucks, I regularly staged Victorian banquets. But I haven't been much of a cook for several years now; serious cooking, in a household of one-and-a-small-dog, is both fattening and a little depressing, plus time has always been at a premium. I still collect and read cookbooks, though, and one of the cookbooks that especially caught my attention this past year was the retro-Bundt-cake book Cake Simple. I've been invited to dinner with some colleagues this evening, so I thought I'd try one of the Cake Simple recipes for the dessert I'm taking; in honor of the season, I chose the Cranberry and Creme Fraiche one.

So yesterday evening, I made a simple whole-berry cranberry sauce, and I put buttermilk and heavy cream together to set up overnight into creme fraiche. It actually fraiched, too--I was ridiculously excited this morning when I opened the container and tasted it. I'll bake the cake this afternoon, once I get back from the office and the last of the final grading.

Feels like getting part of myself back, you know?

Success #2, if I do say so myself:

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Lovely sweater! You always make the best ones...

Congrats on the fraiching! Nice to see you around. ^_^

*unf!* at dolly gorgeousness :D

And hooray for getting that part of yourself back -- it's wonderful to get a chance to enjoy old passions which may have fallen by the wayside because life has gotten crazy! Your cake sounds delicious, and I'd love to hear a review when it's been consumed! ^___^

Been missing you!!

*hugs & smooches*

-- A <3

Ooooh!! Fabulous guy and sweater!

Yahoo for cakes of sharing! I keep eyeballing my underused bundt pan and considering what kind of holiday treat I should make.

Hey, I didn't know you collected cook books. I do, sort of. I used to collect everything, but that got ridiculous, so now I only try to get historical cookbooks, i.e. anything pre-1955ish. And even that gets a little adjusted as the 20th Century stuff, I tend to not get as much. Mostly from the 20th century, I love the small pamplet stuff that use lard.

A very good friend passed away and she collected every sort of cookbook you could imagine... which was probably over 4000 cook books. We sold a bunch, but I got a large amount. Sadly, none of it was Victorian, but most was pre-17th Century, which was cool. If you ever need anything, let me know. I can scan information from a lot of cooking and baking resources (and in a few different languages). I'm now having problems finding the room for them. I feel a little like a hoarder, so I now need to clean through my house to make room. :(

anything I might be interested in?

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