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Pink icing!!

I had a tough time convincing the rest of the dinner party that that abnormally PINK (or, as one of my grad-school classmates liked to say, PANK) color was 100% natural, but that's what cranberry juice does when it hits powdered sugar, uh-huh.

This recipe is a winner--and it's making me want to bake my way through the rest of Cake Simple in short order. Another time, I might aim for a little less density--loosen the batter with some extra creme fraiche and not reduce the cranberry sauce quite so much--but the flavor and crumb really were on target, and while the cake was dense, it wasn't dry. Whew.

Also, I've managed to find common ground with my 1962 GE range. After a spell of wild temperature fluctuations, it's settled down to a consistent 25-degree overheating, which I can live with. I'm not sure how many more times I'll be able to have the heating element replaced before there just aren't any more replacement parts available, so I'm always grateful when I can put off calling the repair guy for a while longer.
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