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Dude. Are you people, like, VINYL or something?
Shinyuu Layne
Daigo (Lumedoll Tyl, just arrived today) meets a few of the Tonners and clearly wishes he hadn't.

The Tonners feel much the same way, though Kyoko on the right, there, looks intrigued in spite of herself.


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I had no idea Tonners were that big!

Congrats on the new dude. Lumedoll are intriguing. I like looking at them. :)

One of the things I really like about the Tonners is that they're big enough to "register", both in person and to the camera. Plus, their clothes and shoes are big enough for me to handle without always using a magnifying glass and tweezers, heh. I have several 1/6 dolls (momoko, Volks WTG, etc.), but they're so tiny that it's fiddly to mess with them. I don't know how 1/12-scale dollhouse people do it!

Lumedolls are terrific to handle, too--I really love their weight and balance. I don't think Eva gets nearly enough recognition for the quality of work that she does!

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