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Dude. Are you people, like, VINYL or something?
Shinyuu Layne
Daigo (Lumedoll Tyl, just arrived today) meets a few of the Tonners and clearly wishes he hadn't.

The Tonners feel much the same way, though Kyoko on the right, there, looks intrigued in spite of herself.


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I AM doomed, so c'mon and join me in the abyss! And I'll line up some minis (Unoa boy and girl, MSDs) for pictures later today--I'm wondering how they'll all look together, too. My guess is that Tyl will look like a different species, with his mature proportions, but it's always worth a try.

Oooo, and I should put him next to the CED ladies too, just for kicks, though they'll probably dwarf him.

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