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Dude. Are you people, like, VINYL or something?
Shinyuu Layne
Daigo (Lumedoll Tyl, just arrived today) meets a few of the Tonners and clearly wishes he hadn't.

The Tonners feel much the same way, though Kyoko on the right, there, looks intrigued in spite of herself.


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Bwaahaaahaaaa,he certainly has that "wtf" look!
I love his face. That size isn't for me, and I've pondered her larger dolls, but I don't like the larger faces as much as the smaller. I had the same problem with the Narindolls.

In my crew, he's definitely a singleton, but I think he'll be one of the singletons who sticks around--he's so fabulous on his own terms that I don't think he needs to belong to a group. Besides, the possibilities for comedy as he interacts with the fashion dolls are pretty much endless . . . ;-)

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