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Duuuuude. Now I'm surrounded by aliens. GIANT LITTLE-KID ALIENS.
Daigo (whose name may actually not be Daigo after all) says, I think I was better off with the dorky vinyl people, you know?

MSD Schulze, Lumedoll Tyl, Unoa B-El. I don't have any MNF or Chicline, but I'm sure those of you who do can extrapolate the results.

And as long as I'm posting anyway . . . new sweater going up on Etsy in a few!

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Oh, wow -- I'd been wondering how he'd look next to a Narae (who has the same kind of delicate facial sculpting), but sadly, she'd be a giant-headed monster next to him.

ChicLine might not look bad, actually -- they're pinheaded in my opinion (this is why I've done something Decidedly Different with my ongoing and as-yet-unrevealed ChicLine project), but they'd be better in-proportion with his head style.

I love that Lumedoll managed to make a smaller-headed doll without going the pinhead route -- he looks Just Right, in my opinion!

-- A <3

Yeah, in the pictures I've seen, the Chicline heads do look wrong, somehow, with the bodies--the proportions just aren't quite working, especially nude. What impresses me about the Tyl is that, even nude and without the big floofy wig, he doesn't look pinheaded at all. He looks like a miniaturized real person.

It's interesting to me that, next to him, the Tonners look just slightly bobbleheaded. It's not visible at all except by comparison, but . . . hmmmmm. I do think their heads are a teeny bit oversized-for-effect.

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