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Duuuuude. Now I'm surrounded by aliens. GIANT LITTLE-KID ALIENS.
Daigo (whose name may actually not be Daigo after all) says, I think I was better off with the dorky vinyl people, you know?

MSD Schulze, Lumedoll Tyl, Unoa B-El. I don't have any MNF or Chicline, but I'm sure those of you who do can extrapolate the results.

And as long as I'm posting anyway . . . new sweater going up on Etsy in a few!

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Oh wow, a different species here too, huh? I just can't get over how cute he is though - you know?

Oh, I DO know! He was completely irresistible when I first saw his pictures on the Lumedoll site, and I'm so glad I ordered him--even though he's going to wander around the house looking strange next to every single doll I own.

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