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Not getting caught up on the flist.

Apologies all around, and I'll read the past couple of days' posts sometime when . . . well, sometime when I have final grades turned in.

Just back from a perfectly wonderful birthday mini-vacation:

Thursday--Dinner: duck with plum-reduction sauce and sweet potato puree. Very nice Chilean red wine. Delicious chicken/potato/asparagus soup to start.
Hilarious and very decorative production of The Mikado.
Lovely presents from lovely friends (new book by Calvin Trillin, new book about Gilbert & Sullivan by Ian Bradley).

Friday--Breakfast: Viva la Revolucion omelet, special for Cinco de Mayo (black beans, salsa, spinach, pepper jack cheese).
Embarrassing amount of buying at fancy knitting shop. Followed by pretense of buying wedding present for student office worker, resulting in wedding present, yes, but still more buying for myself: summer quilt and fun cushions for bed. Latest Josh Turner CD. Cool scarf that will make a good photo background. Sandals to take to San Diego in June. Other things I've probably forgotten and not yet unloaded from the car.
Lunch: Indian buffet. Mango lassi, channa dal, lamb korma, chicken vindaloo (very mild chicken vindaloo, I have to say), really excellent naan, carrot aloo, chai.
Tea and long chat with old friend. Nap.
Dinner: Ravioli with chicken apple sausage and three cheeses. Yummy Sicilian white wine. Even yummier New Mexican (!!) sparkling wine instead of dessert.
Decorative and nicely-sung production of The Merry Widow. The baritone who sang Count Danilo was very handsome. Orchestra seats are a fine thing.

Saturday--Breakfast: Iced Indonesian coffee and a roasted pear scone, consumed while driving home.

thelyn, just call me Stay-Puft Fuu.

So now I absolutely have to get with the grading; I managed to knock off one term paper from my Dickens class over the Cinco de Mayo special omelet yesterday, and half of another one over the Indian buffet lunch, but that's barely scratching the surface of the problem.

Because it isn't an LJ post without a picture, hmmmm, here's an old one that I uploaded and forgot. Pen tries out an edgier look than he usually prefers:

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