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Should I be doing work-related things?
Why, yes. Why do you ask?

But as long as the calendar still says December, it's hard for me to work up much of a sense of urgency . . . even though our semester begins on January 11, which is insanely early if you ask me (though no one did), and I only have one of my four syllabi ready to go, plus there's an article that needs to be whipped into shape for a journal by the end of next week, and, you know, I should be working up some kind of lather of anxiety about all this pretty soon.

Still, a gal has to have her priorities straight. And mine include knitting, taking long walks in our unseasonably sunny and warm weather with Toshi, catching up on my pile of unwatched Japanese movies, visiting with friends, and cooking to my heart's content. SO THERE.

One more new sweater in the shop: I call this one "Cottage Garden."

The yarn is more amazing than my camera wants to admit; when I get the green right, the poppy red is wrong, and when I get the poppy red right, the cosmos pink is out of whack. But you get the general idea. The spinner, whose Etsy shop name is kindlightstudio, called this skein "Fleur"--it's a handspun single-breed wool (Blue Faced Leicester, or BFL, which is a lustrous, soft fiber that's super-hot right now among spinners and knitters). I've been splurging on handspun yarns in a big way for the past few months, and now I need to rein myself in and knit up what I have instead of buying MOREMOREMOREMORE.

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Unseasonably warm here, too. It's lovely once you commit to it...accept it.

And yes, that is too early to return.

I am thoroughly enjoying the warm, sunny spell; "brown Christmases" aren't unusual out here on the plains, but normally we have some kind of icy/snowy weather move in right after New Year's Day. Nothing in the forecast so far . . . I'm not complaining!

One of the silliest things about starting the semester so early is that we immediately have a three-day weekend for MLK Day. So basically, there's one "real" day of class for MWF and none for TR classes (since very little actually teaching happens on the very first day, what with syllabus-going-over and whatnot), and then we STOP AND START OVER. In what universe does that make more sense than starting after the holiday? There's a good reason, methinks, why the membership of our campus calendar committee is hard to discover . . .

mmmmmm, all your activities sound good!!! What movies have you seen?? Any great ones :)

Yesyesyes!! Hana is amazingly fabulous, especially if you've already seen and loved Yamanaka's Humanity and Paper Balloons and Kurosawa's The Lower Depths. It's a gentle, leisurely, funny ensemble picture that takes the Edo-period-row-house setting, combines it with the 47 Ronin historical backdrop, and winds up saying some important things about the value of life and human connections vs. inflexible ideology.

Indeed, enjoy all your favorite comforts, they sound wonderful and peaceful! The semester will come when it gets here :3

Gorgeous sweater! It looks so soft and warm. I love the sound of the yarn... make me want to gets some so I can touch it! lol

For my B-day on Sunday I get to put an Unoa Sist in layaway. I have never had one of those cute little boogers before and I haven't bought a girl doll in ages. That ttya.com you pointed me to has some cute slim MSD clothes that I am drooling over.

Oh, YAY! There's something extra-special about the Unoa girls, I always think. I traded a dear friend for a Sist earlier in the year, and she makes me smile every time I look at her (not that she's gotten her share of camera time yet, dangit).

TTYA stuff is really fabulous--it's detailed in a very "real people" way. I can't help wondering whether there's some magic shrinking machine somewhere that takes in human clothes and spits them out in slim-mini scale.

Not to enable you TOO much (heh), but check out these Etsy shops, too:

http://www.etsy.com/shop/PlumeBlanche (on vacation until Jan. 3)

Diverse Designs' and Beachgirlnikita's mini things are a great fit for Unoa, too--and, of course, Brennil's (Her Delicate Strength).

Oh my I have LOVED the last two sweaters you posted!

And omg when did you get the sassy Nono?
I sent mine across the pond years ago, still love the mold though.

Oh, believe it or not, she's an SD10 Ryo head on a girl body--Hitomifrens did the faceup, and I bought the head on the Marketplace a couple of years ago. But she does totally look like my sweet Nono's evil twin sister, heh.

Since I just buy gorgeous yarn and let it do all the work, I can't in fairness take much credit for the sweaters . . . but wow, there's some awesome yarn available these days. It seems like a hefty percentage of it has landed at my house, too. ;-)

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