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She followed me home. Can I keep her?

Got the confirmation e-mail from Kerbey Lane! Jittered for a few minutes about, you know, Spending That Kind of Money on a Doll. Sent the deposit.

Then went to Wimukt's shop on eBay and ordered a crapton of clothes, since Wimukt is now making adorable SD Graffiti girl things as well as adorable Unoa things.

Never said I was ruled by logic. As proof, would you believe this is the first time I've ever entered one of Volks' doll lotteries? I got Kanbei I by paying off someone else's unwanted lottery confirmation, and all my other Volks dolls have come to me secondhand. But they shot me down with Winter Smile Nono, yes they did.

In other ramblings, hmmm, I'm thinking that this Search Engine Optimization business may actually work, !@*#$#&@!. As an experiment, I changed several of my Etsy item titles to fit the SEO structure: no punctuation, no grammar, and no felicities of language, all of which goes seriously against my grain, but the Etsy Powers That Be swear this is the only way to go. My view count on those items and my shop favorites shot up by 60% within 24 hours, and have stayed there. No sales yet from the change, but the week between Christmas and New Year's isn't a big shopping period--and, let's face it, I have a very small niche audience to begin with. What I'm noticing is that I'm showing up much higher in Etsy's own internal search results for all the logical search terms, so I should catch some BJD-related shoppers who didn't come looking for me specifically.
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Ohhhh, congratulations!! She is such a love -- if I'd had the money, I'd have been waffling between her and the SwD version :)

And good news about the SEO stuff -- it's annoying to have to change your listings to a less-aesthetically-pleasing wording style, but if it gets you hits and purchases, then it's obviously the way to go (and you can still get clever with the wording in the description, blessedly!)




the only Volks lottery I ever entered was at the LA Dolpa{for a Williams} and I can't imagine HOW I was gonna pay for him but I would have tried to find a way???? ..but he was won by an LJ friend instead ...those lotteries are so tempting...and dangerous!

Oh!!! Congrats! That face is so adorable♥ I have never entered a lottery yet, but she certainly made me want to!

Congrats on winning her! I thought she was particularly pretty and would have been tempted but I can't do anything larger than a mini.

Good luck with your Etsy sales! :)

Oh wow is she limited? She is isn't she :( I love her! I've always loved Nono, that face up is perfect and sdgr body would be awesome on her! OMG I'm just a tad excited sorry, haven't been looking at any dolls or getting excited about dolls lately.

Ok now I'm even more excited, now I'm thinking who can I sell before she starts to hit the secondary market lol. Do you know when she'll be delivered? Gives me a time frame to start saving up for lol. Ugh! I'm in love!!! :D

Hee! Kerbey Lane says Volks is scheduled to ship the DP26 dolls to them in early or mid-April, so you have quite a bit of time to plot and scheme. I'll be rooting for you!!

Woohoo! I have time to save and plot and scheme XD That's music to my ears, thank you!

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