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Y!J excitement for the new year: tomoelwes is back!
Deadly Mally
Back when I first started drooling over Yahoo!Japan auctions, one seller who always made me wish I had a lot more disposable income was the BJD kimono maker tomoelwes. And then, as happens with brilliant Y!J sellers, tomoelwes suddenly disappeared . . . three or four years ago, it seemed to me, though I wasn't keeping such a close eye on Y!J that I could say for sure.

This evening I happened to notice that tomoelwes has two kimono auctions up: http://openuser.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/user/tomoelwes I took a look at the seller feedback, and sure enough, there was no feedback for any kimono sale after May 2008. Kimono feedback started up again in October of 2011, though, so I've just been missing those auctions (not that I've been keeping a close eye on Y!J, because that's just too depressing at less than 75 yen to the dollar).

I don't suppose this means that, say, Avvelenato will also suddenly reappear, and the original Customhouse will reconstitute itself, but a girl can dream.

In ignominious news, I managed to mess up my old-injury-plagued right ankle again by tripping over a kneeler in the middle of church this morning. Went down with a loud thud, startling the whole congregation (including the priest and the altar boy, yargh), not to mention myself, and then had some trouble extricating my foot from underneath the kneeler. I'm pretty extensively black and blue now, but the main problem is the !@#*%& ankle. Ow ow ow ow ow

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I'm so jealous of those in Japan, they get the most beautiful fabrics! I love those kimono, her print placement is very pretty. And the prices...sad it would cost more than the kimono in service charges and shipping just to get them.

Well you know HeavyBomb was doing face-ups last year, lucky us.

Hope you get to feeling better and your ankle heals up quickly. Not a fun way to start the year. Poor you!

I'll be watching these two auctions with a lot of curiosity, because back in the day, a tomoelwes kimono would routinely end up at prices above 30,000 yen. Sometimes considerably above. But are those buyers still around, and still loyal? Or has the high-roller BJD customer moved in a different direction (I'm thinking about those Sweeney designs, and the prices they command)?

Oh, no!! I'm sorry about your ankle (and your bruised dignity) -- I hope you heal up soon! *hugs*

That's wonderful about the seller, though -- it's nice to think that some of the amazing artists from the early days of dollydom are still out there :)


-- A <3

I know it's stupid of me to want the Japanese, or at least the Y!J, side of the hobby to stay the way it was when I started out, but I kinda do. But I am nostalgic for the years when Y!J's BJD category had more surprises, and fewer sellers of the same stuff I find on eBay.

I'm so sorry about your poor ankle! Ugh! -.-;;; that must have been so awful - I pray it heals quickly ♥

I would just love to own a kimono like one of those! Such beautiful material and overall design - quite lovely!

Oh, Ashbet nailed it--really, my dignity took a harder fall than my body, heh. It's just bad luck that my weak ankle happened to take most of the stress, but I know it will bounce back in a day or so.

These two auctions interest me a lot, because I remember tomoelwes as specializing in darker, richer colors--s/he had a distinctive palette as well as style, but these colors are something really different. It will be fun to see how the Return of Tomoelwes unfolds!

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