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Fun with mini sweaters
The urge to finish knitting projects is upon me--instead of starting more and more and MORE new things, this seems like a good time to knock off the final stages of some of the in-progress sweaters that have been piling up in my big basket.

This one, "Flutters," already has a home. The yarn is recycled and re-plied cashmere, and the other charmpoint is the itty-bitty flock of butterflies that are pretending to be buttons. Three cheers for the Etsy sellers who find amazing materials for me to play with!

This is "Sugarplum," knitted from a stunning handspun yarn (silk and Bluefaced Leicester wool) and again sporting vintage Czech-glass buttons, all sourced from more Etsy shops.

Too much fun, I have. And because aoi_no_neko reminded me, here's the link: http://www.squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com
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These are both super cute! So glad you are sharing. You might want to start putting a link to your etsy shop in your sweater posts because I bet you might get a few sales that way.

Love the butterfly buttons and that sweater design!

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You are so right, about putting the link in--I don't know why I can't keep it in my head that the shop banner only shows up on my own LJ, not on other people's friends page. :headdesk:

Those butterfly buttons were a super-cool find!

Eeee, cuteness!! I love the shape of the "flutters" cardi, especially!


I finally thought of trying some different stitches on the hem and cuffs of my bog-standard old biscuitbear cardi pattern . . . plenty of bang for very little extra mental effort, heh. That particular lace pattern is really nice; I had never used it before, but it will probably show up pretty often from now on. ;-)

I really love the effect! :D


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hugs! It is so much fun--and now that I have the university admin. conditioned to the fact that I knit during meetings, it's also a major sanity-saver.

So beautiful! I always wished I'd learnt to knit from my mum every time she'd offered to teach me. I still have a lot of knitted Barbie dolls clothes from when I was a kid that she made, I treasure them now :o)

My mother was a wonderful cook, but not crafty at all; she always said that the crafting gene must have come to me through my dad's Aunt Grace, who sewed and ceramicked and embroidered and did everything else imaginable. But then, I didn't really come to needlework until I was an adult--probably because none of it was going on at home. Knitting is so satisfying; there's no reason why you couldn't start now, nudge nudge!

So sweet! Love them both. The butterfly buttons are great and the ruffle is CUTE!
Did not know you had an Blue Fairy girl

Yup, I've had Meru there since last spring--she is just adorable. I've always loved Xiao, ever since Sher first got Jeremiah Blue and I started looking at the BF site.

That ruffly stitch pattern is incredibly easy except for the row that creates the ruffle (knit 4 together through the back loop, then knit 4 together the normal way). In a looser gauge, it wouldn't be fiddly, but I was knitting this sweater so tight that I had to use a crochet hook to muscle the working yarn through all those loops. Still, the effect was worth a little cursing and spitting in the end.

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