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Fun with mini sweaters
The urge to finish knitting projects is upon me--instead of starting more and more and MORE new things, this seems like a good time to knock off the final stages of some of the in-progress sweaters that have been piling up in my big basket.

This one, "Flutters," already has a home. The yarn is recycled and re-plied cashmere, and the other charmpoint is the itty-bitty flock of butterflies that are pretending to be buttons. Three cheers for the Etsy sellers who find amazing materials for me to play with!

This is "Sugarplum," knitted from a stunning handspun yarn (silk and Bluefaced Leicester wool) and again sporting vintage Czech-glass buttons, all sourced from more Etsy shops.

Too much fun, I have. And because aoi_no_neko reminded me, here's the link: http://www.squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com
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So beautiful! I always wished I'd learnt to knit from my mum every time she'd offered to teach me. I still have a lot of knitted Barbie dolls clothes from when I was a kid that she made, I treasure them now :o)

My mother was a wonderful cook, but not crafty at all; she always said that the crafting gene must have come to me through my dad's Aunt Grace, who sewed and ceramicked and embroidered and did everything else imaginable. But then, I didn't really come to needlework until I was an adult--probably because none of it was going on at home. Knitting is so satisfying; there's no reason why you couldn't start now, nudge nudge!

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