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More happy finishing
Both Toshi and I have been knocked sideways by separate-species stomach ailments over the past few days; we're on the mend but very, very tired today, so I stayed home from work and did a little sweater photography for the shop, with the help of Koi-san, the somewhat overdramatic (see first picture below, heh) but basically sweet Lady Sylvie who joined the crew last year. And everything is at http://www.etsy.com/shop/squirrelmoonknits, don'tcha know . . .

These are both knitted from handspun wool yarn by WhimsyKnits, one of my two favorite pushers spinners on Etsy. The buttons are vintage glass from other Etsy sellers--I'm always delighted and amazed by the variety of tiny old buttons available, now that I've started looking. Sherie (WhimsyKnits) calls the first yarn Chocolate Roses and the second Dauntless:

Back to add one more--this is Laura Gilkey's fabulous halter dress pattern from the DoA archives, slightly tweaked to suit my preferences. Injeong looks pretty damn terrific in it, if I do say so myself. The yarn was a PITA to work with: a commercial superwash "singles" that split and snagged and disintegrated at the slightest provocation. I will never buy any more of this stuff, that's for sure, but it produced a very nice (-looking and -feeling) fabric in the end. I'm always amazed at the way that the structure of knitted fabric overcomes the problematic qualities of the yarn that it's made from.

And finally, can anybody explain to me why people on DoA PM to ask whether an item in a sales thread is available, then disappear forever without even acknowledging the seller's reply? It would never occur to me to send anyone a PM about even the deepest-buried FS thread unless I were serious about buying whatever it is that caught my eye--or about thanking the seller for the information if the item isn't for sale anymore. BLARGH.

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Koi-san is so pretty, and I love the sweaters!!

(You may, erm, notice that your stock is somewhat reduced. *cough* I couldn't resist the idea of putting Anthea in that lovely turtleneck!)

-- A <3

Oh, wow, I DO notice! Thank you so much, sweetie--and I just sent you your friends-discount-and-free-shipping refund. Goodies will be on the way tomorrow!!! <3 <3 <3

And once you get Anthea into the turtleneck, I would love to send a picture of her to the spinner--she was so excited that I made a sweater from that yarn (it was her favorite skein ever), and I think she'd be really happy to see it in its new home.

Eeeee!! Just got your e-mail and replied!! <3

Thanks so much -- and I would be DELIGHTED to take pictures of Anthea in her lovely cozy sweater! *hugs*

(Also, that is so sweet that you're sending it to the spinner -- I know that I always LOVED it when clients sent me pictures of my dreads out and about!!)


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