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Aaaaaand my set of CH St. Minas is complete (or it will be, once the body I've bought for this girl arrives--she's borrowing Nini the Shaman Varim's body for the time being):

I think I might call her Viviana, but I'm feeling just a bit iffy about it. My plan to give her a Korean name fell through pretty fast, so I'm casting about for a name that wants to stick.

They may be sisters, but they are definitely not twins!

I really like the difference between them. AmyAngel did Injeong's (smiling Mina) faceup, and Pulse did "sad Mina"/maybe-Viviana's.

Time to get on with the laundry and with reading for next week's classes. I am so enjoying my classes and my students this semester--for the first time in about three years, I'm actually teaching classes for majors instead of all general-education all the time. Granted, I haven't done any grading yet, so we're still in the "having fun" phase of the semester, but the students seem to be pretty well into what we're doing. I have reasonable hopes that their writing will reflect some enthusiasm and engagement.

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Oh, VERY cool!! Congratulations!! They really are unique and stunning :D

And I got your package last night, thank you!!! (Bastian did, in fact, return long-distance nose-touchings to Toshi -- he was very interested in the sweaters, although I did wind up putting them away so that he wouldn't wind up tasting them as well as sniffing them, hehe! They're so beautiful in person!)

*huge hugs*

-- A :D

Toshi says he tried to send a scent-message to Bastian, but it's hard when the human snatches the fibery stuff away and dunks it in strange human-smelling shampoo. *snerk*

Your girls are stunning. They look more mature than most St Minas.

I think that's what I like so much about them--that they do have the mature quality. I looked at pictures of other people's Minas on DoA, and was amazed at how different the faceups make these sculpts seem. Sure, that's a truism for BJDs, but really, the Mina sculpts are chameleons in a big way!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! I don't know that she's set on a V name--and I'd really like to come up with something shorter and simpler, for my own taste, but she keeps bringing names like Batsheva and Melantha and Hadassah into my mind. Bah, these dolls and their opinions!

(Deleted comment)
I'm liking Maud quite a lot . . . maybe if I say it in her direction enough times, she'll relent and accept it?

yey!!! I have been looking for a happy mina for ages to do this :) :) :)

I was incredibly lucky with Injeong--she turned up on eBay in 2010 with everything except her original outfit and wig (including the Dollmaster DVD, two plastic ID cards, COA, and the fancy movie tie-in box). There have been so many knockoff smiling Mina heads that I was a little wary, but when I opened the shipper and saw that hoard of authentication, well . . . it was a good day. ;-)

Oh they are beautiful together, like yin and yang!

They are SO different--I really should set up some profile comparisons one of these days, because it's hard even to see them as versions of the same face. But then I've always had a tough time looking past the faceup to see the sculpt underneath . . .

Very, very pretty girls, both of them! I like how they look together :)

Hey! it is wonderful that you are enjoying your classes right now! *___*

It really does feel comfortable to go to work, most days--and that's about all anybody can ask of work, I figure. ;-) There are some good changes happening around campus, and I like the way the atmosphere is becoming more positive in general.

Oooh Congrats!
Minas are finicky; mine isn't thrilled with her wig and is stil naked because nothing "suits" her, so be happy it's just the name you are having problems with.

They are indeed finicky! Injeong refuses to look right in any wig except that Monique updo--I give up. It was just dumb luck that Whatshername happened to take kindly to that mohair one, and to a random pair of Souldoll eyes I found at the bottom of my eye box. *swirly eyes*

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