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Aaaaaand my set of CH St. Minas is complete (or it will be, once the body I've bought for this girl arrives--she's borrowing Nini the Shaman Varim's body for the time being):

I think I might call her Viviana, but I'm feeling just a bit iffy about it. My plan to give her a Korean name fell through pretty fast, so I'm casting about for a name that wants to stick.

They may be sisters, but they are definitely not twins!

I really like the difference between them. AmyAngel did Injeong's (smiling Mina) faceup, and Pulse did "sad Mina"/maybe-Viviana's.

Time to get on with the laundry and with reading for next week's classes. I am so enjoying my classes and my students this semester--for the first time in about three years, I'm actually teaching classes for majors instead of all general-education all the time. Granted, I haven't done any grading yet, so we're still in the "having fun" phase of the semester, but the students seem to be pretty well into what we're doing. I have reasonable hopes that their writing will reflect some enthusiasm and engagement.

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Oh, VERY cool!! Congratulations!! They really are unique and stunning :D

And I got your package last night, thank you!!! (Bastian did, in fact, return long-distance nose-touchings to Toshi -- he was very interested in the sweaters, although I did wind up putting them away so that he wouldn't wind up tasting them as well as sniffing them, hehe! They're so beautiful in person!)

*huge hugs*

-- A :D

Toshi says he tried to send a scent-message to Bastian, but it's hard when the human snatches the fibery stuff away and dunks it in strange human-smelling shampoo. *snerk*

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