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Knitting down the stash

Still making inroads on the huge basket of unfinished projects . . . three sweaters wrapped up this weekend. One is still drying--its handspun wool/Tencel blend really holds on to moisture--but I'm looking forward to trying it on not-Viviana the sad Mina soon. (By the way, I'm thinking her name may be Kore. Yes, I have a Corinna, a Kit, a Claudine, a Kidon, and a Kanbei, not to mention an Okaru, but what can I say? I love me some velar plosives.)

The SD version of Flutters was ready to photograph when the sweet spot of daylight reached my living room today. BTW, these are Makoeyes that Okaru is wearing--when I received the order, I wasn't hugely impressed with them (seeing as how my urethane-eye standard is Mystics/EDs/Gumdrops), but they look much better in a doll than they do on their own. The color hovers somewhere between gray and purple, and I really like it with her darkish 1st-gen pureskin resin. Now, if I could just remember which style/color number this pair happened to be . . .

And yeah, okay, the flash fired on me this time, but you get the idea:

Shop is here, don't feel obligated, yadda yadda--I just enjoy posting pictures of sweaters.
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