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Just when I think I'm too much of a misanthrope . . .
. . . multiple people who went on my DoA Ignore list months or years ago (because their very first posts made me want to snap knitting needles in two) turn up in Problem Transactions, revealing themselves to be the most egregious kind of cut-and-runners and winding up with Marketplace bans.

From now on, just think of me as the Delphic Oracle of Ignore.

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Yes!! Most of the people I'd put on my ignore list over the years have all since been banned. I feel like I ought to populate the list with a fresh batch.

I'm almost ashamed to admit how long my Ignore list is. Now and then I try to count it, but I always lose track in all the scrolling down.

*Isn't* there a feeling of vindication when one of those idiots finally gets voted off the island?

I gave up and just ignored the whole forum for a couple of years. But Lj - my doll hub! - is slow (or full of Monster High) these days and I've started browsing DoA to get my bjd fix, which means dropping people into the Ignore post hither and yon. Hither! AND yon.

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