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Still finishing finishing finishing
At this rate, I'll feel justified in buying more yarn one of these days . . . ;-)

Peanut Brittle: the yarn is wool, handpainted by DyeabolicalYarns on Etsy

Perfect Union: two handspun wool/Tencel blend yarns, by WhimsyKnits on Etsy

As usual, more pictures here, no pressure, you know the drill: http://www.squirrelmoonknits.etsy.com

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Oh, happy (and grateful) sniffles! Just refunded your friends discount, BTW, and I'll have your package on the way tomorrow. :) I adore those WhimsyKnits yarns--I can hardly believe they're handspun, because they are so perfectly even and balanced. Some people have mad, mad, mad skillz!

Yeah, some people do - like you!

This is actually for my SDC, he's going to semi-drown in it (on purpose) and this sweater may have messed up my whole styling plan for him, but I can't resist. I'm sure I can figure out a way for a Dickensian street urchin to wear a sweater.

People rarely do things in these sorts of colors because they're not exciting or eye-catching, but they are my very favorites and I am thrilled to death that I get to own this piece.

Hey, that was a a substantial discount, thank you! (I hadn't logged into PP in a few days.)

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