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Okaru pretty. Mohair fuzzy. Rhinestones sparkly.
That's all.

This one isn't for the shop--that vintage rhinestone clasp is something I'm pretty sure I'll never find again, and I love it too much to let go of it.

Closeup of awesome teeny rhinestone clasp:

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Yes, way too lovely to part with - that is so gorgeous. I cannot even imagine the work involved.

Oh, jeez, thank you for the lovely compliment, but this one required no work at all--it's just biscuitbear's old SD cardigan pattern from the DoA archives, as straightforward as can be. 3mm needles, a ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and Bob's your uncle. I'm always amazed at how little effort it really takes to knit in decent 60cm scale; I know Dollswest and other purists are convinced that anything bigger than laceweight on 000 needles looks out of scale, but my eye just doesn't believe it.

Edited at 2012-02-28 06:04 pm (UTC)

Very pretty! You know that is one of my favorite styles that you do. I think those cardigans look great with sleeveless tops and dresses. Like the Fer =)

After I move I will have to look through the "stuff" I got from my mother's estate. If I find something good maybe can ask for something made with it? I think she ended up with some interesting pieces like that by checking out clothing thrift stores and yard sales. She would take off the buttons and rhinestones from old used clothing.

You bet! See what you find in the stuff, and let me know.

I just scored a couple of very pretty, fancy little jewelry clasps on Etsy--they have rings on each side to join two strands of jewelry, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sew them onto the two sides of a cardigan. I'm crossing my fingers that the proportions look right when the clasps get here . . .

Gorgeous on every level!

My Sist is currently wearing Perfect Union because I INSIST (haw haw) upon it being worn despite my not owning a doll that it is actually meant to fit. :D

*snerk* I s'pose it won't stretch enough for Bitte . . . darn. Is Elsie no longer with you? I've so totally lost track of your dolls--

Elsie's on a boy body, and all the others are on either Volks bodies or bigger. I like hefty dolls, apparently. :)

It'll be cute on my SDC boy, I just haven't put him into it yet because I'm liking his current outfit. That's who I really bought it for.

The scale of the stitches is so great. Love.

Hmmm . . . I don't know that either sweaters or blue/gray colors would be Elsie's thing, but if she's on the Delf boy body (as I think I vaguely remember), then it might be worth trying Perfect Union on her, just for kicks. Those Delf boy bodies are pretty skeeny!

I have to try that pattern with some of my Kidsilk Haze.

Fabulous as always. Love the closure. I need to spend more time on Etsy one of these days. I'll PM you.

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