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Comfort shopping, the financial pitfalls of loving "old" BJDs, and such.

I been doing me some buying in the Marketplace. It may be some kind of reaction against the recast/bootleg furor: a way of expressing my trust in known-quantity, experienced BJD collectors who sell some of their dolls from time to time and who have an established record of fair dealing and honesty. It may be my late-winter/early-spring depression, which arrived a little behind schedule this year. It may just be that I love BJDs, am not financially insecure, and see no reason to go overboard with preserving the money I have for (nonexistent) heirs.

But whatever the cause, I have (on the way or recently landed) . . .
a School A head to go on my spare oldskin SD13 boy body (this is the danger of spare bodies)
a Heath with glorious yakuza tattoos
a Shirou Tachibana girl
a swarrico body for Yoko Sheridan the Nono
and an oldskin SD13 body for Fujiko the F08.

Not counting the Winter Smile SDGrG Nono, who will of course be landing in due time.

Now I need to try to sell the two SD10 unjointed bodies that Yoko and Fujiko currently occupy (one oldskin, one pureskin--both are nicely upright sitters and reasonably stable standers, which is more than can be said for a good many SD10 bodies). And I wish someone wanted the DIM Danbi, the CH Fennel head, and possibly the SD10 Michael, though I'm not sure he needs to leave the island urgently or even at all; I just look at him and his completely non-doing body now and then, and think that I'm not sure he's essential to my sense of well-being. Unfortunately, I have no desire or need to part with any resin that anyone will actually want to buy, which is almost always my problem, innit? ;-) The fruits of living in an alternate BJD universe that exists circa 2005, not 2012.

Good stuff on Etsy--sweaters are moving (yay, March!), and I'm experimenting with more vintage jewelry clasps for neck closures on the little mohair cardigans. Looking at my course syllabi, I can see that I won't have any real knitting time until mid-May, so not much is likely to happen until then, but it's fun to have A Plan.

Have to get off the computer and grade exams. I am horribly behind, thanks to the double vision problem (only partially relieved by new glasses) and ye olde family depression. I don't want to blight spring break by pushing tons of grading back to that point (week after next), not least because I will have to organize my tax documents and do final revisions on a journal article that week. Oh, for an amanuensis.
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