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Comfort shopping, the financial pitfalls of loving "old" BJDs, and such.
I been doing me some buying in the Marketplace. It may be some kind of reaction against the recast/bootleg furor: a way of expressing my trust in known-quantity, experienced BJD collectors who sell some of their dolls from time to time and who have an established record of fair dealing and honesty. It may be my late-winter/early-spring depression, which arrived a little behind schedule this year. It may just be that I love BJDs, am not financially insecure, and see no reason to go overboard with preserving the money I have for (nonexistent) heirs.

But whatever the cause, I have (on the way or recently landed) . . .
a School A head to go on my spare oldskin SD13 boy body (this is the danger of spare bodies)
a Heath with glorious yakuza tattoos
a Shirou Tachibana girl
a swarrico body for Yoko Sheridan the Nono
and an oldskin SD13 body for Fujiko the F08.

Not counting the Winter Smile SDGrG Nono, who will of course be landing in due time.

Now I need to try to sell the two SD10 unjointed bodies that Yoko and Fujiko currently occupy (one oldskin, one pureskin--both are nicely upright sitters and reasonably stable standers, which is more than can be said for a good many SD10 bodies). And I wish someone wanted the DIM Danbi, the CH Fennel head, and possibly the SD10 Michael, though I'm not sure he needs to leave the island urgently or even at all; I just look at him and his completely non-doing body now and then, and think that I'm not sure he's essential to my sense of well-being. Unfortunately, I have no desire or need to part with any resin that anyone will actually want to buy, which is almost always my problem, innit? ;-) The fruits of living in an alternate BJD universe that exists circa 2005, not 2012.

Good stuff on Etsy--sweaters are moving (yay, March!), and I'm experimenting with more vintage jewelry clasps for neck closures on the little mohair cardigans. Looking at my course syllabi, I can see that I won't have any real knitting time until mid-May, so not much is likely to happen until then, but it's fun to have A Plan.

Have to get off the computer and grade exams. I am horribly behind, thanks to the double vision problem (only partially relieved by new glasses) and ye olde family depression. I don't want to blight spring break by pushing tons of grading back to that point (week after next), not least because I will have to organize my tax documents and do final revisions on a journal article that week. Oh, for an amanuensis.

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Oh dear about the double vision -- I hope they can get you sorted out!! I have a prism in my glasses because my eyes wander off-track (causing double vision) when I'm tired or have been reading for a while -- I'm assuming that your optometrist already tried that one?

And I'm with you -- I kind of prefer the 2005 BJD world, to be honest. Not that I'm unhappy with some of the amazing new dolls who have come out since then (far from it!), but I'm very much with you on the unique charms of older dolls.

. . . I may have done a Bad Thing day before yesterday after all the stress and my mother making me cry over the phone (since she's on an alternating-days Crazy cycle, it seems), involving a bit of retail therapy and an oldskin white F-08 with no face-up. Ahem.


Hee! It is Bad Thing weekend all over the place, eh?

I hadn't checked my friends page in way too long, so I missed out on your house-buying battle and the bouts of Maternal Crazy. Any definite news yet?? Crossing everything for you except the fingers I need to hold a grading pen!

To be fair, if people wouldn't keep selling all these beautiful older dolls, we wouldn't be quite so TEMPTED to do the Bad Thing! ;)


Thanks, sugar -- much appreciated <3

It's been an absolute wringer (or maybe a sausage-grinder?) to go through . . . but I am hoping and praying that we get good news today. The seller has until 5pm tonight to sign the contract. My mother offered her the asking price (which is pretty reasonable), in exchange for being willing to vacate by April 17 (I have to be out of my place by April 30 at the latest.)

The one hitch that we're worried about is that she didn't seem prepared to move -- she was like "But that's not very much time! I have to find an apartment!" And, given that I've spent the past few months looking for apartments, I REALLY SYMPATHIZE . . . but, seriously, if you're putting your house up for sale, doesn't it make sense that you might have, um, made preparations to move somewhere once the sale goes through? o___O

Anyway -- thanks so much for keeping all your non-grading digits crossed! Hopefully by tonight I'll have good news!!

(Then, of course, it has to pass inspection -- but we already know about the two big things that are likely to come up, which is that the roof and a/c units are original from when the house was built in 1992, and we're going to get a home warranty that covers replacement if we can . . . so unless there's some major structural issue hidden somewhere, we ARE going to get this house if the owner accepts the offer!)


crossing crossing crossing crossing, and sending Maternal Un-Crazy vibes for good measure!

I keep haunting your sweater shop, loving what I see, but I can't buy. :( I'm horribly allergic to wool. ;_; Otherwise I would own Seadog. In a skinny minute.

Oh, sniffle! I hate to think of anyone being denied the pleasures of wool. Do all animal fibers make you react (say cashmere and alpaca), or only wool?

There is one 100% acrylic yarn that I do use from time to time--James Brett "Marble"--so I'll keep an eye out for a gray colorway in it. If there is one, it would make a lovely Seadog lookalike. :-) I'm (slowly) working on a girl sweater in a soft, spring-y gray/cream/pink/willow green color of Marble; it's such a nice yarn, and I just wish it were available in tons and tons of colors.

My Mom is allergic too. So far I've tolerated angora but I'm unsure about alpaca. Cashmere has to be super soft and light. It really sucks.

I am so glad that, of all the allergies and ills I inherited, animal-fiber sensitivity is NOT one. Alpaca is pretty hairy (though very slick to the touch, compared to most wools), so I would imagine it's not worth trying for you. BumMER.

HOWEVER . . . drumroll . . . Marble's DK weight does come in a variety of subtly gradated grays and gray-blues, so I just ordered, erm, four of them to play with. :-)

Edited at 2012-03-11 05:13 pm (UTC)

Hummm, if you ever have SD boy or SD13 boy body in pureskin that needs to go, let me know. I don't know why I've never really looked for a body for this certain head but maybe it's the fear that I will see a bunch of things I want?

Yakuza Heath? Reminds me of the days when Heath was very much desired. Now I'm hoping you have at least time for a few pictures after arrival =) I'm also curious to see Shiro-chan. Is she After School or first version?

Is the double vision part astigmatism? No fun that. Very difficult to correct sadly. Do they not have grad student assistants? Wishing you the best with getting it all done.

It's weird--I wind up acquiring very little pureskin, except when I buy a full doll or a swarrico body. I actually like the oldskin SD13 boy body more than the pureskin version, so oldskins tend to pile up in my "spare bodies" closet. But I do see some pureskin SD13 boy bodies in the Marketplace at good prices right now, so you should be able to find one--if you don't want to search, for fear of falling victim to other goodies, PM me and I'll send you links straight to the threads!

I'm only guessing, but I think Shiro-chan is probably the After School version. I should be able to tell for sure once she arrives, though, because wasn't the original Shiro made from the first-generation darker pureskin? My Okaru is in that resin--very distinctive, compared to other Volks resins.

I think the double vision must have something to do with the astigmatism that I developed six or seven years ago, but my eye dr. refuses to admit it. Macho SOB--if there were a better one in town, I'd switch, but the alternatives just aren't promising. And while we do have graduate teaching assistants in the department, they aren't assigned to help faculty; they teach freshman comp, so we can accommodate the thousand comp students we have to teach every semester with only 12 actual English faculty. But if I can't get this problem under control, I may have to ask the department chair whether I could get a 1-course-a-semester GTA to help with some of the eyestraining reading.

congrats..post photos of your doll projects when you get them in order

I've been buying little beings too....on marketplace{just doing my part to "spread the wealth in the community"hahah}

I like that! Every marketplace purchase funds somebody else's buying, so we ARE the motor of the BJD economy. ;-)

I've been indulging in a bit of retail therapy myself lately.
Can't wait to see the Heath, it's one of my fave sculpts!
The Shirou girl might have lived here once if it's the one I'm thinking of.....if so, she's lovely, very sweet.

Crossing my fingers the vision clears soon. I can't imagine how bothersome that must be.

No kidding on the Shirou girl??!! She's coming to me from Florida, seller's DoA username begins with V.

The vision is making me crazy. And I am NOT satisfied with the way the new glasses aren't helping--but it's hard to get through to my eye dr. with any hint that his brilliant decisions might not have been so brilliant. How I wish I could just zip down to my home town for eye stuff, because the father/son team who took care of my eyes all my early life are awesomely skilled.

What have you been retail-therapying, pray tell??

Yup that's the Shirou. I did know who did the faceup but that's on my old harddrive that is still in a cupboard.

After the white F08 girl that I think you saw, I adopted Brandon's SD Nono and a nDoll Louis head. I also have a new iPad on the way to replace my first generation. I adore my iPad, so I just couldn't resist an upgrade.

You have picked up one of the hottest Heaths out there! Congrats and so looking forward to seeing him soon. <33

So with you on the 2005 > 2012 BJD preference. It doesn't hurt that they're usually pretty darn good bargains to boot!

Sending you healing thoughts. May you find pleasant normalcy soon.

I truly can't believe I bought him--I NEVER thought I wanted a Heath, you know? But I looked at those sales pictures, and I figured it was like the day when Karin Bussman put Flynn up for sale,or when I spotted Grail the Omiclon on eBay: this only comes around once.

Thank you so much for the good wishes! I think if I weren't struggling with BOTH the vision problems and the annual depression cycle, I'd rub along reasonably well, but the combination is eating me for lunch. Ugh.

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